The Under-i Project

The I‐4 Ultimate construction project rebuilt all the interstate bridges through downtown Orlando. The rebuilt I‐4 Ultimate bridges are significantly higher and wider than the previous bridges and will create new and unique spaces below Interstate 4 in downtown between Church Street and Washington Street. Those distinctive new spaces are referred to as the Under‐i.

The city is working with a partner on the visioning and design of the space. This public placemaking effort has the potential to unite the downtown area and its adjacent sports, arts and entertainment districts through the development of a unique public space that will catalyze economic opportunities and become an iconic destination in the Orlando region.

The city also envisions this high‐caliber urban community park will inspire residents and visitors by delivering inclusive, vibrant, best‐in‐the‐nation spaces that will unite our diverse community, deliver creative and engaging experiences and promote health, education, art, play and fellowship.


Church Street to Washington Street, Hughey Avenue and Garland Avenue, Orlando, FL 32802  View Map

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