Home Sharing Registration

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To support Orlando's sharing economy (bike, car, home) the city is helping residents rent out parts of their home.

As of July 1, 2018, residents will be able to register their home as a home share rental with the city. The newly passed ordinance has the following requirements:  

  • A rental period of less than 30 days.
  • One booking at a time.
  • The resident must live on site and be present when hosting guests.
  • Proof of registration must be linked to any online advertising. 

An annual fee will need to be paid to permit home sharing registration. 

  • First year - $275
  • Each year after -
    • $100, if owner lives on the property
    • $125, if non-owner occupied property 

Apply for Home Sharing Registration

Due to the increasing popularity of online short-term rental websites, such as Airbnb and VRBO, Orlando is experiencing a growing number of homes being rented out in whole or in part for short-term stays. 

This ordinance will allow for residents to host guests in individual bedrooms, garage apartments, etc. provided that there is only one booking at a time and that the resident lives on site and is present when hosting guests.  

The rental portion of the residence must be designated as an accessory use space, and the rental space must be 50 percent or less of the whole property. 

For example: For a three-bedroom house, one bedroom may be rented out. Or in a four-bedroom house, two bedrooms may be listed. 

Finable offenses 

To avoid code enforcement violations and/or penalty fees, it is important to adhere to the specific requirements in the ordinance. Specifically, the following: 

  • Renting out an entire unit or property is not allowed.
  • Home Sharing Registration proof must be included with any online advertising.
  • Online advertising of the property must reflect the requirements of this ordinance; i.e. one bedroom in a three-bedroom house available for home sharing.
  • The city resident applying for the Home Sharing Registration (registrant) must live on site and be present when hosting guests.
  • Registrant must provide two forms of proof of residence to establish primary residency.
  • Registrant must verify the total number of bedrooms on the property and how many will be devoted to home sharing, as only 50 percent or less can be devoted to hosting guests.
  • Only a single booking is allowed at one time. 
  • If within a mandatory home owner association (HOA), an approval letter is required from your HOA with your registration.
  • If registrant is not the property owner, they must provide notarized permission from the landlord or owner to operate.
  • Registrant is required to apply online, as well as paying an annual fee of the following:
    • First year - $275
    • Each year after -
      • $100, if owner lives on the property
      • $125, if non-owner occupied property

Apply for Home Sharing Registration

Can I rent my entire home?

Generally, no, not under Home Share regulations. A whole-property rental is classified as a Commercial Dwelling Unit, which is limited to certain zoning districts and requires a Business Tax Receipt. To search the city by allowable use, such as Home Share or Commercial Dwelling Unit, use the Zoning Portal at digitalpermits.orlando.gov.

What if I want to host multiple guests at one time? 

For residents who want to offer multiple bookings at one time, and the property is within the appropriate zoning district, may have the option to operate a Bed and Breakfast. These typically require special approvals from City Planning. 

I live in a HOA. Can they regulate my ability to home share? 

To receive your Home Sharing Registration, you will need to obtain an approval letter from your HOA. There may be further limitations on property usage through particular HOA private codes, covenants and restrictions (CC&R's).  

What if my neighbor is renting out all or part of their home and I have complaints? 

To report complaints about a neighbor's home sharing operation, please contact the city's Code Enforcement Division. You can call 407.246.2686 or submit a violation online. 

Report a Code Enforcement Violation

Orange County is collecting taxes on short-term rentals, does this mean home sharing is allowed anywhere in the county? 

No. Although the county does collect a tax, only about four percent of the county is zoned for short-term rentals. For more information, please contact the Orange County Comptroller.


Modifying existing city code to allow for residential home sharing has many benefits for our community. The city recognizes several positive impacts, including: 

  • Promoting tourism to show the Orlando that locals know.
  • Reduce the potential impact of short-term rentals of entire properties could have on housing affordability and the inventory of housing stock.
  • Bring additional tax revenue to our community.
  • Offer extra income for homeowners/tenants.