Apply for Orlando Graffiti Removal Assistance

Do you need to remove graffiti on private property in the city limits?

The City of Orlando Take Action Against Graffiti (TAAG) Program will reimburse property and business owners outside the CRA boundary up to 80 percent of the cost of graffiti removal and mitigation projects.

  • Applicants can receive up to $4,000 once per calendar year, per property.
  • You must submit bids for graffiti removal and mitigation projects to receive funding.

* If your location is in the downtown area, you need to apply for the Downtown Orlando Graffiti Removal program.


Step 1.Check your eligibility 

  • The location must be within the City of Orlando limits.
  • The property must be commercial, office or multifamily residential (four or more units).
  • The graffiti must be visible from the right of way.
  • The graffiti removal must restore the appearance of the structure to the previous condition (same paint color/design).
  • You must add graffiti-resistant paint or coating, and at least one other mitigation measure such as:
    • Planting shrubs and thorny plants next to the building
    • Planting shrubs, thorny plants and vines along free-standing walls and fences
    • Adding or improving lighting around the building
    • Adding security camera(s) and surveillance signage
    • Adding permitted and approved murals 

Step 2.Gather necessary information

You need to provide the following for graffiti removal:

  • Color photos of all affected building walls that you can see from the street
  • At least two contractor estimates for graffiti removal
  • A list of vendors and contractors potentially associated with project
  • A Business Tax Receipt (for the current year, existing business owner applicants only)
For graffiti mitigation, there are certain documents and drawings that must be provided depending on your property address. Please contact the Planning Division at 407.246.2269 to verify the requirements for your specific property and proposal. Some of the following may be required:
  • At least two estimates for each proposed graffiti mitigation project
  • A Certificate of Appropriateness issued by the Historic Preservation Board (HPB), Certificate of Appearance Review issued by the Appearance Review Board (ARB), or Board of Zoning Adjustment approval
  • A current site survey, site plan, photometric plan, and floor plan, as required
  • A building permit

Step 3.Apply for the Orlando program

This application must be submitted and approved BEFORE you start any work that may be reimbursed as part of this program.

Fill Out the Application

Step 4.Get the property owner's signature

Complete The Form

Step 5.We will contact you

We will review your application and contact you within three business days with next steps.