Get a Pedicab Permit

Do you want to operate or work for a pedicab company?

The city requires annual registration of all drivers and non-motorized vehicles to keep passengers safe.


Step 1.Gather your documents

 To get a Pedicab Permit, you will need to provide:

  • Certificate of Insurance - must be emailed to directly from the insurance agent
  • Liability and property damage coverage of $500,000 combined single limit for each accident, or bodily injury, death and/or property damage as per Chapter 55.103 of city code
  • Copy of your State of Florida business registration from (only required for fictitious names and if your company name doesn't include your name)
  • Contact information for three references
  • Rate schedule

To get a Driver Permit, you will need to provide:

  • Florida driver license
  • Your current mailing address
  • Owner's endorsement (if you are not the owner of the transportation company)

Step 2.Apply for Driver and Pedicab Permits

Apply for Pedicab Permit

Apply for Driver Permit

Step 3.Submit your applications

Email your completed applications and required documents to

Step 4.We'll get back to you

We'll review your applications and let you know in two to three business days if you're approved or if corrections are needed.

If you are not contacted within the timeframe, please contact us at 407.246.2845. 

Step 5.Make a payment and get your permits

We'll call you to schedule payment and to pick up your permits.

All payments and permits will be issued at:

Orlando Police Department
1250 West South Street
Orlando, FL 32805

Step 6.Get a pedicab inspection

When you pick up your permits, we will also conduct a mechanic pedicab inspection to make sure the equipment is safe to operate. 

Step 7.Display your permits and rates

  • Prominently display a schedule of your transportation rates.
  • Your Pedicab Permit and needs to be clearly displayed on the left rear portion of the non-motorized vehicle.
  • When you are driving, your Driver Permit must be visible to the passengers.