Demolition Permit Plan Requirements

1. Overview

On-site working hours

Describe what the working hours will be for all staff on-site.

2. Demolition method

Describe how the structures will be demolished and what you will use, such as a ball, bulldozer, backhoe, dynamite or other.

3. Dust control method

Describe how dust will be controlled and minimized on-site.

4. Material disposal method

Describe how material will be disposed and what you will use, such as a dumpster, dump truck, or other.

If applicable, please also describe your removal method for trees, slabs and foundation.

5. Public safety method

Describe how the public will be protected from the job site if there are adjacent sidewalks or walkways to the job site.

6. Notice of asbestos

If the permit involves the demolition, alteration, or renovation of a commercial building or a residential project of four (4) or more dwelling units you are required to provide "Notice of Asbestos Renovation or Demolition" per Rule 62-257.301(1), Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.) 

Prior to the start of demolition or renovation work, please contact the Orange County Environmental Protection Division at 407.836.1400 for demolition and asbestos removal notification requirements.

More information: Asbestos Guidance for Demo-Reno

7. Statement of an 8-foot fence

Describe how and where an 8-foot fence will be installed, as required per Florida Building Code, for commercial demolitions.

If applicable, a 6-foot fence is permitted along a street side.

8. Engineering plans for wall protection/stabilization

Provide engineering information for the wall protection/stabilization or fall protection information for a wall that will be demolished adjacent to a sidewalk.

9. Protection compliance for adjoining properties

Document and provide how you will project existing adjoining properties, as required per Florida Building Code Section 1502 2017

10. Protection compliance for pedestrians

Document and provide how you will protect pedestrians near the job site, as required per Florida Building Code Section 1502 2017