Applicable Codes for Permitting

Any applications submitted for Permitting after December 30, 2020 will be reviewed using the following codes:

  • Florida Building Code 7th edition (2020)
  • FBC Residential 7th Edition (2020)
  • FBC Accessibility 7th Edition (2020)
  • National Electrical Code 2017 & FBC 2020 Energy Code 7th Edition
  • FBC Fuel Gas Code 7th Edition (2020)
  • FBC Existing Building Code 7th Edition (2020)
  • FBC Florida Energy Code 7th Edition (2020)
  • FBC Mechanical 7th Edition (2020)
  • FBC Plumbing Code 7th Edition (2020)
  • Florida Fire Prevention Code 7th Edition
  • NFPA 101 Life Safety Code (2020) with Florida Amendments
  • NFPA 1 Uniform Code (2020) with Florida Amendments 
  • Engineering Standards Manual, 5th Edition***
  • Orlando Urban Storm Water Management Manual
  • Florida Department of Transportation Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Device Standards
  • Florida Department of Transportation Roadway and Traffic Design Standards
  • Florida Department of Transportation Specifications for Road, Bridge and Construction (2017)
  • Florida Statutes
  • Florida Administrative Code
  • Orlando City Code

***The City of Orlando’s City Engineer is working to amend the Engineer Standards Manual. Please refer to the city's Engineering Documents for updates.

The Orlando City Code is available online at

You can order or view the Florida Building Code by visiting the Florida Building Commission website.