Apply for Financial Assistance for Your Event

Do you need additional funding for your event?

The Families, Parks and Recreation Advisory Board grant provides up to $1,500 for local nonprofit organizations that want to hold events within the city limits. The grant helps encourage and support local events that promote diverse cultures, good health, social awareness and the building of communities.


Step 1.Check your eligibility 

Qualifying events are:

  • Of general public interest
  • Activities that benefit or serve city and/or Central Florida residents
  • Non-partisan and non-political
  • Free and open to the general public

Step 2.Complete a grant request application

Please submit this form at least 60 days before your event. This will give us time to review your application and schedule you to attend a board meeting.

Fill Out the Form

Step 3.Attend a board meeting

After your application has been reviewed, a representative will attend an assigned Families, Parks and Recreation Advisory Board meeting to make a brief presentation. The board will make a decision as to if and how much funding will be received.

Step 4.Host your event

You may now proceed with your planned community event.

Step 5.Submit the required documents

After your event, you will need to submit an event summary report, proof of the board's sponsorship and copies of receipts showing that all city fees associated with the event have been paid. 

Step 6.Receive your financial assistance

We will review the documents and then mail a reimbursement check to you.