2021 Main Street Annual Reports

1. Overview

Main Streets are our ten unique neighborhood commercial corridors scattered throughout our city that drive our region’s economy by providing jobs, goods and services for our residents. Each of our Main Streets has a distinctive identity, is home to a variety of locally-owned businesses and are where residents go to find uncommon and handmade goods, take in culture and nightlife and to experience creative cuisines.

Since 2008, public and private investment in the city’s Main Streets has surpassed $1.26 billion. Two of our Main Streets are anchored by Florida Hospital and Orlando Health which accounted for more than $804 million of that investment. Our Main Streets have garnered national attention with features in the Boston GlobeNew York TimesSan Francisco ChronicleNew Yorker, Thrillist and Wine Enthusiast.

2021 Totals for all Orlando Main Streets Districts

  • Total Improvements: 453
  • Amount Invested: $218,961,629.26
  • Businesses Opened: 270
  • Jobs Created: 2,336
  • Volunteer Hours: 9,322
  • Value of Volunteer Hours: $266,052.16
  • Private Dollars Invested: $1,137,218.25

2. Audubon Park Garden District - 2021 Annual Report

About Audubon Park Garden District

Hip, diverse and independent are the norms of the Audubon Park Garden District. Known for its vintage shops, cafes, bakeries, music, books, craft beer, boutiques, urban farmlettes, plus superlative professional services, the APGD is a fiercely independent shopping and dining district on Corrine Drive in Orlando, Florida.

Developed in the 1950 and ’60s, for decades the area catered to nearby Orlando Air Force Base and then later the Naval Training Center Orlando. Since then, the Audubon Park Garden District has blossomed into a thriving community of unique businesses and seemingly endless events and activities.

  • Total Improvements: 8
  • Amount Invested: $124,764
  • Businesses Opened: 5
  • Jobs Created: 86
  • Volunteer Hours: 445
  • Value of Volunteer Hours: $12,700.30
  • Private Dollars Invested: $89,018
  • Accomplishments
    • Helped launch four new businesses during COVID-19 (Revel Beauty, Lobos Coffee Roasters, Lucky Horse Tattoo and Winter Park Biscuit Company), while only losing two during the pandemic
    • Completed painting 16 concrete planters along Corrine Drive in colorful depictions of native plants and pollinators
    • Completed a refresh of district street banner program and installed 20 banners along Corrine Drive using a refreshed color palette and imagery that fuses native plants and wildlife with a mid-century modern aesthetic
    • Helped push a mid-block crossing with pedestrian walk signal along, which the City of Orlando is funding. Completion expected by December 2021.
    • Helped distribute information to businesses on COVID-19 related grants and low interest loans
    • Supported businesses with letters of support when applying for grant applications
    • Helped businesses with paperwork questions in relation to SBA and Orange County government loans and grants
  • Events
    • Shop Small Sip and Savor – approximately 43 attendees

“We love being a part of the Audubon Park Main Street program. Jenn has been so helpful with everything this past year. We really appreciate everything she does and are grateful to have our business here.”  - Christina, Frame Masters


3. College Park - 2021 Annual Report

About College Park Main Street

College Park is a vibrant neighborhood located just outside of downtown Orlando where you can experience urban living with a small town feel. This community is made up of some of the finest local retailers, award winning restaurants, and small businesses found in Central Florida. College Park’s wide selection of services, bungalow-style homes, brick tree-lined streets and many parks and lakes create a vibrant lifestyle and a comfortable place for residents to call home.

The community pride can be felt at any one of our popular annual events, that help bring alive the vibrancy, optimism, and shared values of College Park. “Come. Enjoy Life Along the Drive”!

  • Total Improvements: 14
  • Amount Invested: $974,584
  • Businesses Opened: 10
  • Jobs Created: 3
  • Volunteer Hours: 899
  • Value of Volunteer Hours: $25,657.46
  • Private Dollars Invested: $96,761.31
  • Accomplishments
    • Pivoted from traditional events to creating two successful College Park Sparks and a Season of Sparkle events
    • Implemented College Credits Program to allow 100% of the money going back to the CPMS businesses
    • Implemented the College Park Main Street Minute Video Newsletter
    • Increased membership by 22 new members (businesses) 
  • Events – approximately 2,550 attendees
    •  College Park Spark November 2020 - approximately 750 attendees
    • Season of Sparkle Nov 28 – Dec 19, 2020 – approximately 1,300 (5 days) attendees
    • College Park Spark March 2021 – approximately 500 attendees 

“I joined College Park Main Street when I opened my gift shop in 2019 because I wanted to be in the know on all things College Park and the business community around me. This membership has benefited my shop in several ways. We have received social media shoutouts, participated in marketing photo shoots, gained visibility during recent Edgewater Drive events with musicians/signage outside our shop, and welcomed new customers through the College Credits program.”  - Sarah Johnson-Markve Owner, Good Crowd


4. City District - 2021 Annual Report

About City District

City District, formerly known as Church Street District, has been over a decade in the making. Conceived during the Great Recession of the early 2010’s, the City District is comprised of business owners working together to strengthen economic development in Downtown Orlando. With support from local merchants, the City District has continued to grow by becoming a member of Main Street America.

The City District is a nationally accredited Orlando Main Streets not-for-profit 501(C)(6) organization that promotes and advocates for the stakeholders and businesses within the historic downtown corridor and Parramore community. The District seeks to serve as a policy influencer and a vehicle for business and community enhancement, while ensuring economic stability through event
programming, design, marketing and promotion.

  • Total Improvements: 90
  • Amount Invested: $31,250,414
  • Businesses Opened: 116
  • Jobs Created: 618
  • Volunteer Hours: 937
  • Value of Volunteer Hours: $26,727.71
  • Private Dollars Invested: $183,604.55
  • Accomplishments
    • City District board members presented on diversity at the 2020 UCF Nonprofit Management Conference
    • Installed new executive officers in September 2021
    • Sent both executive directors to Florida Main Streets’ Preservation on Main Conference and virtual Main Street Now Conference
    • Established quarterly district meetings with business community and Orlando Police Department
    • Launched first City District Makers Market
    • Established quarterly cleanups program
    • Initiated Placemaking for Parramore through $43,000 pro bono partnership
    • Established collaborative working relationships with UCF and Valencia Downtown Campus
    • Award nominee for Cinema in The Sky event by the Downtown Orlando Partnership
    • Negotiated free access to HIREpalooza virtual job fair for all 10 Orlando Main Streets
    • Represented the diversity in our district through live social media streams and videos program for Spanish Heritage Month, special event programming for Black History Month, spoken word event for Juneteenth, support of the Latin Festival of the Scenic Arts, and community partnership event for PRIDE United We Dance Pulse Remembrance
    • City District has representation on the Orange Preservation Trust, UCF Nonprofit Management Advisory Council, CREW and FRLA
    • Engaged the downtown Orlando community and collected community sentiment for the downtown environment through a district focused community survey
  • Events – approximately 2,515 attendees
    • Wheels and Reels – approximately 55 attendees
    • Church Street Holiday – approximately 400 attendees
    • Snow at Heritage Square – approximately 250 attendees
    • Deck the District – approximately 250 attendees
    • District Dine Around – approximately 150 attendees
    • Glow-in-the-Dark Egg Hunt – approximately 500 attendees
    • HirePalooza (virtual job fair) – approximately 110 attendees
    • Super Hero Scavenger Hunt & Market – approximately 300 attendees
    • United We Dance – approximately 500 attendees

“Since meeting with Rosangela and her team we have been able to expand our contacts in the local downtown Orlando area and create new partnerships. As a small business, she has been a great resource for us! She informs us of road closures, upcoming events, training that is offered, financial assistance, and marketing strategies to help improve community awareness of our business. I know that American Ghost Adventures has benefited from the projects/services that they have provided to the community. The best thing is that she listens to our concerns and actively represents us at government meetings to address our concerns. We are truly grateful for all she and her team have done for us and would highly recommend them to anyone!” -Ting Rappa, Founder of American Ghost Adventures



5. Curry Ford West - 2021 Annual Report

About Curry Ford West

Curry Ford West is one of the most rapidly transforming areas in the city. What had become a pass-through for commuters is being revitalized by passionate business owners and championed by a new generation of residents eager to build community and see local culture thrive.

Visitors to Curry Ford West will enjoy a vast collection of craft beer, both locally brewed and from all over the world. They’ll also get to select from diverse dining options including Greek, Lebanese, Mexican, Cuban, Irish, Italian, and arguably the best local pizza in Orlando – demanding a return visit to try a new favorite next time.

Other businesses and services include one of Orlando’s longest running fresh produce markets, personal training and yoga studios, craft coffee shops and a variety of hair and nail salons perfect for a pampering day. 

  • Total Improvements: 24
  • Amount Invested: $1,084,584
  • Businesses Opened: 4
  • Jobs Created: 10
  • Volunteer Hours: 2,795
  • Value of Volunteer Hours: $79,769.30
  • Private Dollars Invested: $98,362.22
  • Accomplishments   
    • Florida Main Street – Secretary of State Best Event 2021
  • Events – approximately 8,200 attendees
    • Trunk or Treat – approximately 2,000 attendees
    • Picture Perfect Holidays (two December Events) – approximately 2,000 attendees
    • Butterfly Garden Event Series – (five events in May and June) – approximately 2,500 attendees
    • 4th Annual Dress Like a Dad Pub Crawl – approximately 1,700 attendees

“I love living and building my business in Curry Ford West! Along with the cool-mid-century vibe, the overwhelming positive support from my community is why I love to call this place home.” – Nicole Schmitt, Just Pie Orlando


6. Gateway Orlando - 2021 Annual Report

About Gateway Orlando District

Located in the southeast section of Orlando, Gateway Orlando is the spine of east Orlando, connecting the City’s two major airports. It is also the primary route for visitors between the airport and such critical destinations as Downtown Orlando and the University of Central Florida. In the last 10 to 15 years, neighborhoods surrounding this corridor have taken on an increasingly Hispanic or Latino character, while at the same time maintaining the strong values and home ownership that have always existed in this part of Orlando. The vibrant energy brought forth during this transition has created a virtual melting pot district experiencing an urban revival. Having a history that is barely 50 years old, Gateway Orlando joined the Orlando Main Street program as the city’s first Market Street District.

  • Total Improvements: 57
  • Amount Invested: $9,247,349
  • Businesses Opened: 39
  • Jobs Created: 112
  • Volunteer Hours: 351
  • Value of Volunteer Hours: $10,003.27
  • Private Dollars Invested: $59,039.84
  • Accomplishments
    •  Refocused the Networking on the Corridor and Coffee on the Corridor monthly events
    • Revived and renamed Women Who Lead event (now Women with a Vision)
    • Assembled a new and diverse Board of Directors (currently 14 members) to better reflect the corridors’ population (residents and business owners)
    • Started the Economic Vitality and Promotions committees with two board members leading them.
    • Successfully removed graffiti from the area in collaboration with Keep Orlando Beautiful
    • Coordinated our first mural on the corridor at the Sedano’s supermarket
  • Events
    • Networking on the Corridor (monthly event x 5) –  approximately 25 attendees (monthly average)
    • Coffee on the Corridor (monthly event x 5) –  approximately 12 attendees (monthly average)
    • Women Who Lead/Women with a Vision (monthly event x 3) – approximately 6 attendees (monthly average)

“Joining Gateway Orlando has been the best decision we have made to help grow our business. They have promoted our business in their membership directory and social media, coordinated a networking event at our shop and have given us the opportunity to participate as vendors in some of their events.” – Marie Chin-See



7. Ivanhoe Village - 2021 Annual Report

About Ivanhoe Village

Nestled in one of Orlando’s most treasured historic neighborhoods and anchored by beautiful Lake Ivanhoe, Ivanhoe Village is filled with antique stores, art galleries, design centers, master craftsmen, restaurants and retail shops. Ivanhoe Village has something for everyone, including outdoor dining, a vintage record shop, a bike shop, jewelry and more located in one district on the northern edge of Downtown Orlando.

The buildings are oriented in a traditional pattern of small-scale one- and two-story storefront buildings facing the street, along sidewalks emphasizing pedestrian access. Most buildings display characteristics of the Art Deco style with streamlined curves and forms that articulate the façade. Entrance to this district is marked by a replica Statue of Liberty poised in an island of tropical plantings and flowers.

This district is reinventing itself to include Ivanhoe Row, Virginia Drive, Loch Haven Cultural Park and Florida Hospital Health Village. The district is home to Florida Hospital, Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival, The Orlando Ballet, The Ronald McDonald House, Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando Science Center, The Mennello Museum of American Art and Orlando Shakespeare Theatre.

  • Total Improvements: 36
  • Amount Invested: $42,646,604.43
  • Businesses Opened: 22
  • Jobs Created: 95
  • Volunteer Hours: 864
  • Value of Volunteer Hours: $24,658.56
  • Private Dollars Invested: $112,603.83
  • Accomplishments
    • Purchased and distributed more than 28,000 masks, 20 gallons of sanitizer and 400 packages of wipes to Ivanhoe Village businesses
    • Held 1st Summerween
    • Held 1st Sip into Spring
    • Held 2nd Self Care January, 31 days of self-care activities in conjunction with businesses and medical offices
    • Held Historic Bike Tours and expanded tour area
    • Established Transformation Strategies for organization
    • Assisting as a consultant to other organizations with activities in Ivanhoe Village or Gaston Edwards Park, now running with frequency
    • Grew membership by 25 businesses
    • Launched clean ups with aim of every quarter
    • Purchased items for continued growth, tables, tents, carts, etc.
    • Printed more signage for events
    • Established a consistency in having a bag giveaway during events stuffed full of business information
    • Printed Drink Local Shirts
    • Completed first board retreat
    • Expanded number of board seats
    • Advocated for Complete Streets on Orange Avenue with FDOT
    • Updated sign at New Hampshire and Orange Avenue with Ivanhoe Village logo
    • Created and distributed branded window clings to business members
    • Held 1st State of the Village
  • Events – approximately 6,756 attendees
    • Historic Bike Tour - 40 attendees
    • 12 Wines of Christmas – approximately 2,500 attendees
    • Self Care Month – approximately 80 attendees
    • Sip Into Spring – approximately 1,500 attendees
    • Clean Up Ivanhoe – approximately 39 attendees
    • Historic Bike Tour – 40 attendees
    • Virginia Drive Live! - approximately 1,000 attendees
    • Summerween – approximately 500 attendees
    • State of The Village – 12 attendees
    • Clean Up Ivanhoe and College Park – 45 volunteers
    • Virginia Drive Live! - approximately 1,000 attendees

“Thank you for the opportunity to share our views and experiences by offering some perspective on the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic which has continued to affect our business well into 2021. The major attraction to move our business to Ivanhoe Village in 2017 was knowing that the majority of businesses here were long term successful small businesses and that the area was poised to experience exponential growth. Through 2020 and continuing to now in 2021 our small family business has certainly felt the disruption and feared what the future would bring. So much of that fear was alleviated through the assistance and unwavering positivity of our district’s director. The support offered in conjunction with the Main Streets program has been an intricate instrument in helping keep our doors open. Through the pandemic we received support on many levels, from helping us keep PPE supplies in the shop when supplies were low in the beginning to helping reassure the community that it was safe to come out and shop again many months later by resuming regular community events with appropriate measures in place to even connecting us with programs offering financial assistance to small business. They have fostered a community of entrepreneurs and helped up navigate our way through this, their assistance has attributed to our continued success and we are eternally grateful for the program.” -Wendy Leininger, Echoes of RETRO



8. Mills 50 District - 2021 Annual Report

About Mills 50 District

Mills 50 is a centrally located, culturally diverse, progressive minded, eclectic urban district! It is a grass roots, member-based organization made up of local business owners and residents, whose mission is to foster Orlando’s most diverse neighborhood by stimulating business, creating a walkable community and promoting our creative culture.

  • Total Improvements: 45
  • Amount Invested: $4,409,204
  • Businesses Opened: 12
  • Jobs Created: 108
  • Volunteer Hours: 636
  • Value of Volunteer Hours: $18,137.17
  • Private Dollars Invested: $112,222.47
  • Accomplishments
    • Received National Main Street Accreditation for the tenth year in a row
    • Voted “Best Neighborhood to Eat In” and “Best Neighborhood to Drink In” in the Orlando Weekly Best of Orlando 2021 Readers Poll
    • Voted “Second Favorite Local Shopping/Entertainment District” in the 2021 Watermark WAVE Awards
    • Distributed thousands of masks and hundreds of bottles of hand sanitizer to Mills 50 businesses
    • Produced a 2021 calendar featuring murals in Mills 50
    • Sponsored the Mills 50 Backyard Oasis Tour, featuring five (5) homes in Colonialtown North
    • Encouraged businesses to participate in Small Business Saturday and produced a social media marketing campaign
    • Hosted a reception honoring Mills 50 Women Business Owners for Women’s History month
    • Partnered with Ten 10 Brewing to create a beer called “Mills 50 Mash Up” which was unveiled on April 7 – National Beer Day
    • Partnered with Kelly Shannon Floral and The Guesthouse for three “Succulents & Sangria” workshops
    • Partnered with Quantum Leap Winery & Jazzercize Mills for “Yoga at the Winery”
    • Hosted “Brews & Belly Laughs”, a comedy show at Ten 10 Brewing
    • Hosted the 5th Annual “Love Fest”, a free event celebrating all things love – love of the earth, love of music, love of art, etc
    • Hosted “The Almost Fall Fest”, a free event featuring live music, local vendors & businesses, food & libations
    • Hosted five pub crawls: “Chills 50” Pub Crawl & Costume Contest; the Annual Approximately 12 Pubs of Christmas Pub Crawl; the Annual St Paddy’s Day Pub Crawl; a Dog Day Afternoon Pup Crawl & the Pup Crawl & Costume Contest
    • Sponsored the Fifth Annual “Mills 50 Artist Series” art wine bottle reception and fundraiser, featuring wine bottles painted by more than 40 local artists
    • Organized the annual “GreenUp” for volunteers to trim, mulch and fertilize the eight (8) Chinese Fan palm trees along Mills Avenue
    • Co-sponsored “Virginia Drive Live” in May and September with Ivanhoe Village Main Street
    • Joined several other Main Streets in “Sip & Savor Weeks,” which encouraged residents to take advantage of specials in participating restaurants
  • Events – approximately 3,095 attendees
    • Backyard Oasis Tour – 100 attendees
    • St. Paddy’s Day Pub Crawl – approximately 200 attendees
    • Approximately 12 Pubs of Christmas Pub Crawl – approximately 400 attendees
    • “Chills 50” Pub Crawl & Costume Contest – approximately 250 attendees
    • GreenUp – 20 volunteers
    • Mills 50 Artist Series – 120 attendees
    • Love Fest – approximately 400 attendees
    • Almost Fall Fest – approximately 500 attendees
    • Dog Day Afternoon Pup Crawl – approximately 150 attendees and their dogs
    • Pup Crawl & Costume Contest – approximately 100 attendees and their dogs
    • Virginia Drive Live – May – approximately 300 attendees 
    • Virginia Drive Live – September – approximately 350 attendees
    • Mills 50 Women Business Owners reception – 50 attendees
    • Succulents & Sangria – 3 workshops – 50 total attendees
    • Yoga at the Winery – 30 attendees
    • Mills 50 Mash Up unveiling – 45 attendees
    • Brews & Belly Laughs – 30 attendees


"Thank you so much for all the support, Mills 50! We couldn't have had the year we have had without your support!  It is really appreciated!"  Julie Edwards, Owner, The House on Lang


9. SoDo District - 2021 Annual Report

About the SoDo District

The SoDo District is a business district surrounded by many of Orlando’s historic neighborhoods known for their lakes, walkable parks and streets. Orlando Health, one of Orlando’s most established hospitals has served as a mainstay of the district since 1918. One of Orlando’s historic railroad stations is nestled within this community which is within one mile of Downtown Orlando.

Neighbors have joined forces with property owners and merchants revitalizing the Orange Avenue and Michigan Street corridors to celebrate this vibrant community where residents live, shop, work and play. With the growing number of renovations and additions to the commercial district, the SoDo District is defined as an emerging market. Small retail and mixed-use projects are creating a positive new look and tone. Many large retail chains have recently invested in the SoDo District, though a generous amount of boutique-style shops and mom-and-pop restaurants offer diverse options.

  • Total Improvements: 47
  • Amount Invested: $15,591,390.32
  • Businesses Opened: 8
  • Jobs Created: 67
  • Volunteer Hours: 821
  • Value of Volunteer Hours: $23,431.34
  • Private Dollars Invested: $118,646.81
  • Accomplishments
    • Handed out masks to local businesses
    • Celebrated Business Grand Openings: Shaka Ice/Clean Eatz
    • Partnerships with Boone High School/Blankner Elementary
  • Events – approximately 1,227 attendees
    • Sodo Seeds, Flirty Girl – 4 attendees
    • SoDo Grab and Go, Mooyah’s Burgers – 16 attendees
    • SoDo Seeds, Club Pilates – 6 attendees
    • SoDo Seeds, Rockpit – 115 attendees
    • SoDo Seeds, Swirlery & In Bloom – 15 attendees
    • SoDo Seeds, Aardvark – 50 attendees
    • SoDo Sunrise, Delaney’s Tavern – 10 attendees
    • SoDo After Dark, Orlando Brewing – approximately 500 attendees
    • SoDo Seeds, Mooyah’s Burgers – 16 attendees
    • SoDo Seeds, Woof Gang Bakery – 25 attendees
    • SoDo Seeds, Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream – 30 attendees
    • SoDo Seeds, Bao’s Castle – 15 attendees
    • SoDo Seeds, Swirlery – 50 attendees
    • SoDo Seeds, Flipper’s Pizza – 10 attendees
    • SoDo Seeds, Varktoberfest Aardvark – approximately 300 attendees
    • Swizzle & Sizzle, Townplace Suites – 65 attendees

  “The buzz generated by the SoDo promotions and the support we get from being a member turned what we thought would be a small event into a tremendous success beyond anything we hoped for. This was our first Beer Olympic event and we saw over 100 attendees and over 20% of them were first-timers.” – Rockpit Brewing



10. The Milk District - 2021 Annual Report

About The Milk District

The Milk District is a cultural hub with a progressive lifestyle, music and arts scene, featuring diverse culinary experiences, colorful murals, recreational sporting and music venues, unique shopping destinations, community gardens, award winning bars, coffee shops and more.

No matter who you are, The Milk District has something for you!

  • Total Improvements: 39
  • Amount Invested: $4,667,267
  • Businesses Opened: 19
  • Jobs Created: 177
  • Volunteer Hours: 837
  • Value of Volunteer Hours: $23,887.98
  • Private Dollars Invested: $123,849.79
  • Accomplishments
    • Awarded Silver Addy Award for Milk Crate Furniture
    • Awarded three Secretary of State Awards from Florida Main Street
    • Hung first light pole banners and holiday banners featuring BIPOC Artists
    • Opened The Milk District Spot retail incubator
    • Increased membership and average membership revenue
    • Completed virtual Annual Meeting, Silent Auction
    • Completed virtual Keep Moovin’ Challenge
  • Events – approximately 15,268 attendees
    • Table Talk – 6 attendees
    • Pride in the Streets – approximately 200 attendees
    • Neighborhood Crawl – 63 attendees
    • Virtual Auction – 124 registered bidders
    • State of the Milk – 45 attendees
    • Small Business Saturday Market – approximately 600 attendees
    • Philharmarket – approximately 5,000 attendees
    • The Milky Way – Krampus is Coming – 142 attendees
    • Photo Walk with David Lawrence – 5 attendees
    • Milk Mart Holiday Mask-querade – approximately 3,000 attendees
    • PPP Info Session – 7 attendees
    • The Almond Milk District – approximately 600 attendees
    • Blood Drive at TG Lee – 14 attendees
    • March Cleanup – 22 volunteers
    • 407 Day – approximately 200 attendees
    • Get Moovin’ Challenge – 103 registered participants
    • May Cleanup – 31 volunteers
    • Traditional Marketing in the Digital World – 5 participants
    • Milk Mart Birthday Bash – approximately 2,200 attendees
    • Skate of Emergency – approximately 800 attendees
    • Milk Mixer – 30 attendees
    • Tribalfare at The Spot – approximately 200 attendees
    • Chai and Chat – 11 attendees
    • Milk Mart Minis - approximately 1,200 attendees
    • Hoofin’ Around the Hood – 45 attendees
    • DML Painting at The Spot – approximately 250 attendees
    • The Milky Way – 65 attendees
    • Coutonic at The Spot – approximately 300 attendees

  “The Milk District is a family. And everyone feels welcome.” – Shannon Woodrow, Beefy King

11. Parramore District - 2021 Annual Report

  • Total Improvements: 34
  • Amount Invested: $47,251,176.22
  • Businesses Opened: 24
  • Jobs Created: 990
  • Volunteer Hours: 119
  • Value of Volunteer Hours: $3,396.26



12. Thornton Park District - 2021 Annual Report

About Thornton Park District

Visitors looking to decompress will find relief in the brick-lined streets of Thornton Park, the city’s most stylish district. Just east of Lake Eola, Thornton Park District is home to a colorful commercial district with a European feel to the restaurants and boutiques. More than 50 locally owned specialty shops, services, and dining destinations comprise the Thornton Park District, so whether you’re in the mood to sit outside with a glass of wine, enjoy a leisurely dinner before catching a show, or ready to put on your shopping shoes and spruce up your wardrobe and hairstyle, they have it covered.

  • Total Improvements: 28
  • Amount Invested: $59,840,371
  • Businesses Opened: 2
  • Jobs Created: 39
  • Volunteer Hours: 540
  • Value of Volunteer Hours: $15,411.60
  • Private Dollars Invested: $142,127.80
  • Accomplishments 
    • Five parklets on Washington Street - Start of a Parklet Program in the DDB/CRA boundaries
    • Identifying other areas for parklets in TPD with city staff
    • Temporary closure of the Osceola Circle for free, family-friendly markets and events Wednesday through Sunday of every week
    • Working and raising funds with Richard Ulmer Fund for those in need at HMS and ACE OCPS for Christmas Eve. Raised more than $10,000
    • Working closely with the business recovering from COVID-19
  • Events - more than 9,000 attendees
    • Monthly Wine & Art Walks - approximately 5,000 attendees
    • Putt N’ Pour – 325 attendees
    • TPD Thursday Weekly Markets
    • Saturday Flea Markets
    • 2020 Halloween Celebration at the TPD Circle - approximately 400-500 attendees
    • Richard Ulmer Fundraiser – approximately 600-650 attendees
    • 2021 NYE Celebration at the TPD Circle- approximately 500-600 attendees
    • Veranda Live – approximately 250-300 attendees
    • TPD Car Show – approximately 700-800 attendees
    • Painting TPD – approximately 550-650 attendees

  “We enjoy participating in the Thornton Park District activities and appreciate the work the District Teams do for the benefit of our community. Our Director Lisa Cuatt is a true asset to the Thornton Park District.” - Greg Peters, Graffiti Junktion


13. West Lakes Market Street District - 2021 Annual Report

About West Lakes Market Street District

The West Lakes Market Street District is Orlando’s newest, promising focal point for business and community growth.  With Camping World Stadium and historic Lake Lorna Doone Park at its core, the district is a well-known destination for festival goers, sports enthusiasts and concert fans.  Locals remember the area’s history of diversity, leadership, and family business in a myriad of industries.  As West Orlando welcomes revitalization and evolution, the West Lakes District will lead and elevate its corporations, small businesses, new startups, and aspiring entrepreneurs to their next levels of success.  From automotive and manufacturing, to health and financial services, to retail and dining, the district will continue to celebrate the historic value of the community while creating rich, new opportunities for consumers and collaborators from near and far.   

  • Total Improvements: 31
  • Amount Invested: $1,873,922
  • Businesses Opened: 9
  • Jobs Created: 25
  • Volunteer Hours: 80
  • Value of Volunteer Hours: $2,271.21
  • Private Dollars Invested: $62,500


  • Hired first executive director
  • Launched website and social media
  • Began volunteer recruitment
  • Launched branding for the district


  • Table Talk with Central Florida Foundation - 8 attendees