City Council Highlights – April 8, 2019

Last updated on April 09, 2019



Project DTO & Nighttime Economy Update

Today, we will hear an update on Project DTO and the City of Orlando’s efforts to support downtown’s nighttime economy. Under the leadership of Thomas Chatmon, Executive Director of the Downtown Development Board/Community Redevelopment Agency, the Project DTO initiative has given us incredible growth in our downtown in the last five years. I would like to invite Thomas now to present on these projects and tell us what we can expect for the future of downtown Orlando.


CITY COUNCIL- Mayor’s Update Monday, April 8, 2019


Earth Month

We kicked off Earth Month last week and we invite everyone to join us in our sustainability efforts not just this month but all year long.

One way you can get involved is by attending our Earth Day Work Day event outside City Hall in our City Commons Plaza on Friday, April 19 from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

The event will feature sustainability-focused giveaways, activities and tips to take home that will help us continue to work to become the most sustainable city in the nation.

Pedestrian Bridge Opening

I’d like to remind everyone to join us for the official ribbon cutting and celebration at the Colonial Overpass – on Tuesday, April 16 at 10 a.m.

This new downtown pedestrian bridge opened last month and now offers an enhanced mobility option for pedestrians, cyclists, bus and rail riders and others, while helping to alleviate congestion on the roadways and expanding the range of transportation options for those living, working or visiting downtown Orlando.


Mayor #5 – Resolution for the Inclusion of LGBTQ+ Owned Businesses

As a “City for Everyone” Orlando has a long history of establishing partnerships which have supported the development of services and programs that are built on the foundation of compassion.

With this resolution, the City of Orlando will become the first city in Florida to recognize the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce’s robust certification process and will allow us to more closely track our work with these businesses and provide increased outreach opportunities and training.

Thank you to the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce, Metropolitan Business Association, and the One Orlando Alliance for your support and partnership in the creation of this resolution. Thank you all for being here today.

Business # 5 – Good Source Staffing Services Contract Amendment

As our community continues to respond compassionately to homelessness through the Housing First initiative, a City of Orlando partnership with Good Source Staffing Services is helping those in need find employment.

In the two years since the partnership began, two-hundred and eighteen individuals have received work assignments with city departments, including Streets and Stormwater and Fleet and Facilities.

Seventy-three percent of these individuals were homeless, precariously housed or had other barriers to employment. On today’s agenda is an amendment to the contract with GoodSource that will allow our Solid Waste department to offer even more employment opportunities through this program.

Economic Development #3 – Resolution to Exempt Certain Residential Fences from the City’s Permitting Process

I have got some more good news for you, on today’s agenda we have a resolution that will exempt certain residential fences from requiring permits.

In an effort to make doing business with the city as easy as possible, residents who are looking to build a fence will no longer be required to get a permit if the fence is six-feet or less in height, constructed with wood, plastic/vinyl, chain-link, aluminum, wrought-iron or plant-material and complies with the Orlando Code.

Residents and customers doing business with the city can find out if their fence requires a permit by visiting

FPR # 1- Worksite Agreement for Summer Youth Employment

A key component to ensuring a healthy economy is to provide opportunities for Orlando’s youth to receive the training and experience needed to transition to the workforce as productive adults.

The agreement on today’s consent agenda is a collaboration between the City of Orlando and CareerSource Central Florida to add 250 jobs to the city Youth Workforce program this summer, ensuring that we will be able to provide these types of opportunities for more Orlando students and continue to strengthen our future workforce.

FPR # 2- License Agreement between Equal Justice Initiative, Orange County and the City of Orlando for Placement of Historical Marker in Heritage Square

On Election Day in 1920, nearly 100 year ago, July Perry was killed along with 31 other African Americans simply for trying to exercise their right to vote. This agreement between Orange County and the City of Orlando will allow for a historical marker to be placed outside the Orange County Regional History Center in Heritage Square this June to memorialize Perry’s sacrifice and remind us all that we should never take for granted our right to vote.