The Future of the Pulse Memorial



In late 2023, the City of Orlando purchased the Pulse site to expedite the creation of a permanent memorial for the 49 angels taken on June 12, 2016.

The City of Orlando is committed to taking a thoughtful, collaborative approach to understand the history of the effort to create a memorial up until this point. We then plan to work with the victims’ families and survivors to ensure there is a memorial at the Pulse site that honors the victims, those impacted by the tragedy and pays tribute to the resiliency of Orlando. 

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“Creating a memorial to the victims of the Pulse tragedy has been a challenging endeavor. In the interest of solving challenges in a way that brings our community together in love, acceptance and partnership, which is the enduring legacy of Pulse, we have decided to purchase the land from its current owners. We believe that this is the best and most appropriate way to expedite the creation of a proper memorial for the Pulse tragedy.” – Mayor Buddy Dyer