Pulse Tragedy

Orlando United Day

Our community will never forget June 12, when the Pulse tragedy deeply impacted our LGBTQ+, Latin and other communities of color. The City of Orlando and Orange County Government, in collaboration with Pulse, announced the dedication of June 12 annually as “Orlando United Day – A Day of Love and Kindness.” This announcement formally dedicates June 12 to the memory and honor of the 49 innocent lives taken at Pulse, reaffirms the community’s commitment to survivors and loved ones, as well as recognizes the global compassion and love displayed in the wake of the tragedy.

In partnership with the OneOrlando Alliance, the City of Orlando and Orange County Government are encouraging residents and businesses both locally and around the world to join with others in Acts of Love and Kindness (website) to continue the unity that followed the tragedy. The OneOrlando Alliance has launched a website with a list of various acts of love and kindness for the local community.

The City of Orlando, Orange County Government and the Orange County Regional History Center have partnered to collect and preserve letters, notes, signs and other non-perishable tribute items. It is important to the City, that these items are protected for the victims, the families, the community and future generations.

Memorial items will be carefully collected regularly by the History Center staff from the different temporary memorial sites for their long-term preservation at the Orange County Regional History Center. Flowers will be collected regularly and organically turned into soil that will be used in gardens throughout the City.

If you have questions, items to donate or a story to tell, please email OneOrlandoCollection@ocfl.net