Request to Reduce Garbage Service for Your Business

Have your business operations decreased or temporarily closed due to COVID-19?

The City of Orlando is offering a reduction in the level of garbage service to businesses that have been impacted or have had to temporarily close due to COVID-19.


Step 1.Gather your information

  • Locate your dumpster number. There is a number assigned to each dumpster. Example: G-3282
  • Have your OUC account number ready. This can be found on a past invoice.
  • Be prepared to describe how your business has been impacted by COVID-19. Example: sales have dropped by 75% or business is closed.

Step 2.If possible, take a photo of the dumpster

A photo like this one can help the city find the dumpster faster.


Step 3.Request to reduce your garbage service

Request to Reduce Garbage Service

Step 4.We will review your request and make adjustments as needed

The City of Orlando will review your request and make adjustments to your garbage service depending on your business needs. Please allow up to two weeks for the adjustment to take place. A reduction in service will be reflected on your next OUC bill.