Request a Trash or Recycling Cart

Looking to start recycling at your house or need new trash carts?
Request a new or replacement garbage cart for your home.
Keep in mind:
  • We only replace non-functional carts. This includes carts that have damage such as broken parts (handle, lid, wheels), cracks or holes. This does not include carts with shallow surface scratches, dirty or foul-smelling carts. Unfortunately, we are unable to replace carts in working condition.
  • If the damage to your cart can be fixed (broken wheel), it will be repaired, not replaced.
  • If you are requesting a replacement for a stolen cart, please indicate this in the comments section of your request.



Step 1.Request your recycling or trash cart

If you are selecting to replace a cart, please describe the damage in the comments field of your request to the best of your ability.

Request a Trash or Recycling Cart

Please note: If you do not see a confirmation email from City of Orlando SeeClickFix, check your junk/spam folder.

Step 2.Place replacement cart outside

We will follow-up with you in two to three business days to let you know when you will receive your cart. Please check for an email from SeeClickFix.

If you are replacing an existing cart, please make sure:

  • it is visible from the roadway
  • not behind a fence

Step 3.Use your new cart

You can begin using your new cart as soon as you receive it.

Cart washing tip: using household cleaner & hosing them out works great. Doing this over your lawn will prevent the cleaner from entering a storm drain.