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Tired of throwing your food scraps in the trash?

Get a free backyard composter for you to compost at home. Composting is the process of turning kitchen and yard waste into usable, nutrient-rich soil through natural decomposition.

Keep in mind: 

  • This service is for residents within the City of Orlando limits.
  • The backyard composter remains the property of the City of Orlando. It needs to stay with the house if you move. Call and let us know if you move so we can come pick-up the composter.


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Receive your composter

We will follow-up with you in two to three business days to let you know when you will receive your composter.

Start composting

Follow our composting guide to start turning your food scraps into soil. 

A few helpful tips: 

  • You can add most food scraps and yard waste to your composter. Check the composting guide for a full list of what you can put into the composter.
  • Meat, bones, fats, oils, dairy and grease should not go into composters.
  • Make sure you add plenty of leaves, shredded paper or shredded cardboard to the composter and keep your compost damp to help break down food scraps.