Non-Compliance List for Private Storm Systems

Last updated on February 10, 2020

Enforcement Date  Address  Representative Name  General Description 
January 31, 2020 4801 Raleigh Street   Remove overgrowth, sediment and trash from pond; Re-sod
January 23, 2020  5725 Major Boulevard   Return altered control box to approved plans or re-permit
January 8, 2020 327 South Orange Blossom Trail    Pond not functioning as designed and permitted
December 20, 2019  2815 Silver Star Road   Remove all overgrowth from pond
November 25, 2019  3884 Villa Rose Lane   Repair/replace failed stormwater line
October 31, 2019  32801 Parkway Center Court    Remove sediment from stormlines and control structure
October 9, 2019 232 North Orange Blossom Trail    Remove sediment and debris from exfiltration lines, storm inlets and detention pond 
October 9, 2019  410 North Orange Blossom Trail    Remove all overgrowth from pond (by the root systems) 
October 9, 2019 424 North Orange Blossom Trail    Remove all overgrowth from ponds (by the root systems)
June 21, 2019  4177 L B McLeod Road    Redesign gutter system to prevent erosion on swale banks; Permits may be required 
April 15, 2019  2728 East Colonial Drive    Remove all overgrowth from southern pond 
March 15, 2019 2300 East Colonial Drive  Sun Trust  The stormwater manhole on the northeast side of 2300 Hillcrest Street is overflowing and causing water to pool on Hillcrest. 
October 8, 2018  5850 Lakehurst Drive  International Development Group LLC  Remove all overgrowth, trash and debris 
September 8, 2018  700 South Kirkman Road  Circle K Stores  Remove sediment from pond and flumes; Repair underdrain cap: Repair erosion; Re-sod 
July 7, 2018  9101 Lee Vista Boulevard    Repair/replace failed stormwater line; Permits required
January 19, 2018  4601 East Colonial Drive  Best Buy  Remove overgrowth, trash and debris; Mow slopes 
January 19, 2018  4545 East Colonial Drive  Harvetys Furniture  Remove overgrowth; Mow slopes; Repair fence 
March 31, 2015 5600 Westgate Boulevard  Majestic Life Ministries  Repair/replace failed stormwater line; Repair erosion; Permits may be required 
December 9, 2011  1125 South Semoran Boulevard  Oh Que Bueno Restaurant  Return storm system to designed and approved dimensions or redesign to accommodate for proper stormwater storage and treatment. Permits required.
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