Register for the Orlando Police Department Business Watch

Our main goal is to prevent and reduce crime in our city. The business watch program is based on voluntary participation from businesses to work with the Orlando Police Department to receive free crime prevention training.

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Get a Business Watch Sign

To register for the OPD Business Watch Program and receive a window sticker, please see the following steps.

Step 1.Gather the material

To fill out the Business Watch Request Form, you will need to have the following information readily available:

  • Verify your business is within the city limits
  • The business owner's contact information
  • If applicable, the business manager's contact information
  • If applicable, the assistant manager's information
  • If applicable, alarm company information
  • If applicable, property management information
  • 24-hour emergency contact information

Step 2.Submit an application

Fill out the OPD Business Watch Request Form

Submit Your Information

Step 3.Complete the initial training session.

Someone from the city will be in touch with you to schedule the training.

Step 4.Submit floor plan containing the business name, business address, business and alternate phone numbers for emergencies.

Step 5.Submit the telephone chain card. 

Once all steps above have been completed, allow five to six weeks for the sign/decal to be installed. If the business watch group becomes inactive, the sign may be removed. The business watch sign will remain the property of the City of Orlando.

Maintain Good Status

Step 1.Have a watch coordinator who serves as a liaison between the business and the police.

Step 2.Have at least one employee attend a basic Business Watch training session.

This employee will then take the information given and train the other employees.

Step 3.Provide the Community Liaison Officer a map/floor plan containing the business name/home phone numbers, for emergency contacts.