Orlando Police Officer Benefits Guide


OPD members walking in the Veterans Day Parade

   First Year             Maxed Out Officer            
Base Salary   $52,203  $95,582
Shoe Allowance  $165  $165
Shift Differential (Mids)  $720  $720
4-Year Degree  $960  
Longevity     $2,000 
Master Police Officer Bonus    $2,600
Education Incentive (w/4-year degree)               $1,560
Total  $54,048  $102,627

NOTE: Figures based on current CBA agreement

Lateral Transfer Program
Candidates with 2 or more years of law enforcement experience will start at a base salary of $55,857.52 (plus incentives: $57,702).

Longevity Pay

5 to less than 10 years of service          $625 
10 to less than 15 years of service   $1,100 
15 to less than 20 years of service   $1,600 
20 to less than 22 years of service   $2,000 
22 years or more of service   $2,300 

Additional Pay and Bonuses

Photo of a body camera on an OPD officer
Career Officer I          $1,000 
Career Officer II  $1,500 
Career Officer III  $2,100

NOTE: The above-listed incentives will be paid one time only upon the initial placement into Level I, Level II, or Level III.

Master Police Officer          $2,600 at 14 years 

NOTE: The incentive for Level IV (MPO) is paid annually.

Personal Leave/Holidays

0 - 2 years     151.5 hours per year 
2 - 7 years   191.5 hours per year 
7 - 16 years   231.5 hours per year 
16 - 20 years         271.5 hours per year
>20 years   278.2 hours per year 


Officers also receive 10 paid holidays and 3 floating holidays annually. 


An officer using her radio.

Officers are provided with uniforms and equipment, such as; handgun, SIG MCX rifle, TASER, laptop computer and take home patrol vehicle.


The Orlando Police Headquarters offers a fitness center available to employees 24 hours/7 days a week.

College Tuition Reimbursement 

Officers attending college may be reimbursed the full cost of tuition up to $1,800 annually.

Pension Fund Participants' Retirement Options 

An officer waiting for a call.

Service Requirement for Normal Retirement

  • Any member of the department may retire after twenty (20) years of continuous active service.
  • You will be paid a pension in the amount equal to seventy percent (70%) of your average monthly pensionable income for the last three (3) years of service or five (5) best of the last ten (10) years, whichever is higher.

More than 10 years less than 20 years of service

  • If you are discharged or voluntarily separate from the Department, you may make an irrevocable election to remain vested to receive a monthly pension benefit beginning at age forty-seven (47). This election must be delivered, in writing, to the Police Chief within thirty (30) days after separation or discharge.
  • If you are over 47 and elected within the 30 days to receive a monthly pension, the pension shall begin at the date of separation. Your pension amount will be determined by computing your average monthly pensionable income for the last three (3) years of service or five (5) best of the last ten (10) years, whichever is higher. You shall receive, each month, two percent (2%) of the average pensionable income for each year of service up to but not including twenty (20) years.

More than 20 years of service

  • Any member of the Department who retires with more than twenty (20) years of continuous active service shall receive in addition to the basic seventy percent (70%) pension, two percent (2%) for each year over twenty (20) years, or up to five (5) additional years of service, for a maximum of eighty percent (80%).
Officers listening to reports.

Refund of Pension Contributions

  • If you are discharged or voluntarily separate from the Department, and not eligible to retire or to elect to remain vested (or eligible to elect to remain vested, but choose not to do so). You are entitled to a refund of all of the contributions deducted from your pay. No interest is paid on contributions that are refunded.
  • Members leaving the Department with more than ten (10) years of credited service who choose not to vest (or retire, if eligible) are likewise entitled to a refund of their own contributions without interest. 

Cost of Living

Any member of the Department who retires with twenty (20) or more years of credited service, or who retires on a line-of-duty disability, receives an annual cost-of-living (C.O.L.A.) increase of two percent (2%) per year beginning at age fifty-five (55).


  • If you elect a refund of accumulated contributions after termination of employment, you will forfeit your right to any pension from this DB plan.
  • If a member with more than ten (10) but less than twenty (20) years of credited service leaves the department and elects to vest and receive a pension beginning at age forty-seven (47), said member would not be entitled to receive either the C.O.L.A. benefit or a return of the member’s C.O.L.A. contributions.
  • This is a basic summary of the Defined Benefit Retirement options. Refer to Chapter 12: Defined Benefit Plan Document, part of the City Code, for Cost of Living (COLA) provisions and Disability provisions.