Orlando Police Recruiting FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the application and hiring process to becoming a police officer.

Are you currently hiring?

Yes. We are always looking for highly qualified applicants.

Where do I apply?

Please visit Hiring Process.

How long is the hiring process?

The hiring process generally takes approximately three to six months.

Can a police certification from another state be transferred to Florida?

Yes, under certain conditions. To determine if your out-of-state certification can be accepted in Florida, please visit the Florida Department of Law Enforcement website by clicking here.

I am an out of state applicant.  How many trips would I need to make to Orlando during the process?

During the hiring process, you should expect to make up to four trips to Orlando. The first trip would be for the civil service test, physical abilities test, and panel interview. The second trip would be for the polygraph examination. If selected to proceed, you would return for an interview with the Chief of Police. Lastly, you would return for post offer examinations.

Can active duty, reserve, or military veterans apply?

Reserve and retired military may apply at any time. Active duty military should time their application to begin approximately 2 to 3 months before their separation date.

Can military service time be bought into the pension?

No. There are no provisions in the pension to allow military time to be bought into the pension.

Does the police department have a tattoo policy?

Employees are permitted to have tattoos, scarification, brands or other body ornamentation to the extent outlined in this Regulation. Employees who have direct contact with the public are prohibited from displaying or acquiring any new tattoo(s), scarification(s), brand(s) or other body ornamentation that would be visible above the collar bone, or below the wrist, except cosmetic tattoos (tattoo makeup on the eyes, lips, or eyebrows with a natural appearance).

The display of any tattoo, scarification, brand, or other body ornamentation considered offensive, regardless of its location, while on duty or in any Department facility is not permitted and shall be covered at all times.

Examples of offensive tattoos, scarifications, brands, or other body ornamentation prohibited by this order include but are not limited to:

  • Depictions of intolerance or discrimination against any race, religion, gender, or national origin
  • Sexually explicit or vulgar art, words, phrases, or profane language
  • Symbols likely to incite a strong reaction in the workplace (for example, swastikas or similar symbols)
  • Initials, acronyms, or numbers that represent criminal or historically oppressive organizations (for example, any street gang names, numbers, and/or symbols)
  • A split or forked tongue
  • Foreign objects inserted under the skin to create a design or pattern
  • Enlarged or stretched out holes in the ears

Is there a study guide for the civil service test?

Please visit ergopracticetests.com for study guide.

Can I apply if I have used drugs?

Your application will be disqualified if you have used or possessed illegal drugs within 1 year prior to your application. Also, any illegal sale of a controlled substance within 10 years will disqualify your application.

Can I apply if I have been arrested?

Your arrest record will be scrutinized closely. Your application will be disqualified if you have been convicted of a felony, or convicted of any offense considered domestic violence. Your application will be disqualified if you have been convicted of certain misdemeanors involving perjury, false statement, or character within 5 years. You also may not have any currently pending charges.

If you have any questions, or need further assistance, please call the Recruiting Unit at 407.246.2459. You can also email the Recruiting Unit at recruit@orlando.gov.

Are you a certified law enforcement officer in another state looking to relocate to Florida and apply with the Orlando Police Department?

The first thing you need to do before considering applying is to enroll into an Equivalency of Training (EOT for short) course. The next step, after you complete the EOT, is to schedule yourself to take the Florida State Officer Certification Examination (SOCE). For more information on the EOT and the SOCE, please visit the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s website.

If you are not a certified law enforcement officer and you would like to become a police officer, you must complete a basic recruit training program at a Commission-certified training school, or Police Academy.

The Orlando Police Department offers sponsorships to attend the academy at Valencia College’s Criminal Justice Institute after you successfully go through our hiring process. For more information about the Basic Law Enforcement Academy at Valencia please visit their website here. (This will also address questions about the minimum fitness standards for the academy). 

All new officers that successfully pass orientation (9 weeks), and Field Training (3 phases of 16 workdays and 1 phase of 7 workdays), will then transfer to the Patrol Division and be assigned to a midnight shift patrol squad in the City of Orlando.

The schedule is broken up into 2 rotations, an Alpha side, and a Bravo side. The workdays rotate the same every 2 weeks (80 hour pay periods).

Example: Work 2 days, Regular Day Off (RDO) 2 days, work 3 days (long weekend Friday-Sunday), RDO 2 days, work 2 days, RDO 3 days (long weekend off). You are also given 3 floating holidays that you may use whenever you choose throughout the year and receive nine (9) paid holidays annually.

It should also be noted that when you are hired by the Orlando Police Department:

Your pay is that of a temporary civilian employee ($25.10) until you are sworn in by the Chief of Police during your 8-week orientation. Once you are sworn in, the pay will switch to the status of a sworn police officer ($25.10). If you are a certified law enforcement officer with 2 prior years of experience it will advance you to a Step 2 Officer ($26.85).

It should also be noted that, once hired, you will be required to sign a contract that states you will need to reimburse the City of Orlando for cost incurred if you resign within two years or do not complete training.

There is no age limit; just need to be 21 years old.