Get Recognized as a Lake Friendly Lawn

Is your lawn environmentally-friendly?

The City of Orlando recognizes residents who use lawn care practices that reduce the negative impacts of fertilizer and pesticide runoff.



Step 1.Meet the basic requirements for a Lake Friendly Lawn

To be recognized, you must be a City of Orlando resident and have implemented at least 8 of the practices listed below:

  • Use at least 50% slow release nitrogen fertilizer
  • Use zero-phosphorus fertilizer
  • Maintain 15ft “fertilizer-free” zone around water body
  • Use a drop spreader or deflector shield when applying fertilizer
  • Keep your lawn’s grass clippings and fallen leaves out of the street and away from storm drains
  • Regularly pick up all pet waste
  • Follow seasonal OUC watering restrictions
  • Fertilize no more than twice per year (May and October)
  • Irrigation is set to apply ½- ¾“ of water per application (or no use)
  • Maintain your turf at IFAS recommended height for your grass type
  • A 10ft no/low maintenance zone exists around waterfront
  • No use of “weed and feed” products
  • 30% or more planted, non-turf lawn
  • Attend a “Lake Friendly Lawn” series workshop
  • Use a drip or micro-irrigation system in non-turf areas of lawn
  • A soil nutrient test has been performed in the last year
  • 50% or more planted, non-turf lawn
  • Use an irrigation system with a soil moisture sensor for automatic shutoff
  • Use of only designated Native or Florida Friendly plants in yard
  • Use of a compost bin or pile (can request free compost bin from Green Works)
  • Rain barrel used to catch roof runoff (can attend rain barrel workshop and get free rain barrel)

Step 2.Apply for recognition

You will be asked to attach clear photos of your lawn.

Apply for Recognition as a Lake Friendly Lawn

Step 3.If approved, we'll deliver a yard recognition sign to your doorstep

We may reach out to you with questions before awarding your sign.

Step 4.Keep maintaining your lawn

A specialist may check on your lawn to make sure you're continuing to meet all Lake Friendly Lawn criteria.

Step 5.We'll send you a reminder when it's time to re-certify

You'll need to re-certify your lawn once a year or lose your recognition.