Request a Tour of Orlando Wetlands Park

Would you or your group like to visit the Orlando Wetlands Park?

The Orlando Wetlands Park offers both customized and ongoing tram tours to highlight the creation, operation, management, and wildlife of the Park. We welcome individuals, families, groups, schools and university classes.

How Much Does It Cost?

Transportation Type Group Size  Cost Details
 Tram Carts 1-10 people Free, donations welcome.  Volunteer led tours; 45-60 minutes; Fridays and Saturdays
Tram Carts
*max of 2 tram carts
10-14 people per tram cart Free, donations welcome. Volunteer led tours; 1.5-2 hours; Sundays through Thursdays.
Truck & Trailer 10-24 people $3 per person. Staff led tours; ages 5 and up and must be able to climb trailer ramp; At least 2 hours; Mondays through Thursdays.
Bus (you provide)
*max of 2 buses
10+ people $2 per person. Staff led tours; At least 2 hours; Mondays through Thursdays.
Hike 10+ people Free, donations welcome. Volunteers led tours; 30 minutes to 1.5 hours; Any day of the week.


If your group is less than 10 people, come directly to the park

If you are coming by yourself or have less than 10 in your group, you can come to one of our ongoing, volunteer-led tram tours.

These tours are first-come, first-served and take place Friday & Saturday 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. 

If your group is 10 or more people, send us a request

If your group is 10 or more people, we will need to schedule your tour.

Request a guided tour

After you send your request, someone from the Orlando Wetlands Park will followup with you to discuss available tour dates and collect any payment. 

Arrive at the park and enjoy your tour

The park is located at:

25155 Wheeler Road
Christmas, FL 32709

We provide trams for groups of 24 or less. If you have more than 24 people in your party, you will need to provide your own bus or van. No more than two buses are allowed.