Apply for Park DTO Parking Validations

Do you want to validate your customer's parking?

As part of our COVID-19 recovery, the Community Redevelopment Agency's Park DTO Program provides customers with up to 3 hours of parking validation.

The validation is available for customers dining or shopping at an eligible business, and must be used at specifically designated City of Orlando parking garages.

Interested downtown businesses need to apply online for parking validations.


Step 1.Determine if you are eligible

Businesses located downtown that have a valid Business Tax Receipt and are not an office or professional service business are eligible.

Step 2.Apply for the program

Park DTO Application

Step 3.We'll get back to you

Within two business days, we'll e-mail you back a confirmation letting you know if you qualify. 

Step 4.Pickup your validation stickers

Bring your confirmation email to our Parking Division offices at:

53 W Central Blvd
Orlando, FL 32801

Step 5.Validate your customer's parking

You can place one sticker on your customer's parking ticket giving them up to three hours at one of the following garages: