Bike Trails

The City of Orlando bicycle network consists of over 45 miles of off-street trails, over 50 miles of signed routes and over 265 miles of bicycle lanes. Our bicycle trails are important assets for commuters and recreational riders who enjoy a convenient and easy way to get around the city. Ridership continues to grow year over year as we expand our network and close trail gaps. The city's Bicycle and Pedestrian Count Program takes counts every month on the trail network; we currently average over 250,000 trips per month. We encourage everyone to take a ride, run, or a stroll on one of our beautiful trails and enjoy what Orlando has to offer. 

Trail Safety Tips

One of the City of Orlando’s main priorities is creating a safe and comfortable environment for all users of the trail network. Please view the information below about safe trail usage techniques.

Obey all Traffic Signs and Signals
Follow the rules of the road, be cautious and yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians. Pay attention to trail signage.

Keep to the Right
Stay on the right half of the trail while riding, pass trail users on the left.

Rules of Passing
When passing another user give a signal by using your voice, bell or a horn before passing. Be sure the user you are passing has acknowledged your warning.

Be Predictable and Courteous
Be sure to ride in a predictable manner, while on the trail. Stay consistent with your speed; slow down on crowded portions of the trail. Pay close attention to intersections that involve motor traffic, while on the trail.

Slowing or Stopping
When slowing down or stopping, please move off of the trail. Be sure when you are stopping or slowing down, that other users of the trail are aware of your movements.

Lights are required on bikes and highly encouraged for pedestrians. Use lights at dusk and at night whether you are riding or walking on the trail. Front lights, rear lights and reflectors on your bike as well as wearing fluorescent colored clothing at night can increase your visibility.

Other Tips

Be Considerate of Private Property
The trail network is public property, however adjacent to the trail is private property. Please respect the rights of private property owners and be good neighbors.

Alcohol and Drug Use is Prohibited
Do not use the trail if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Any use can impair your judgment and cause injury to yourself or others.

Do Not Litter
Please do not leave plastic, aluminum cans, glass, paper or any other garbage on or near the trail. There are various trash receptacles along the trail.


Additional Resources

Register your bike with the Orlando Police Department to make it easier to recover if it gets stolen.

Register Your Bicycle with the Orlando Police Department