Request to Address City Council

Do you want to address City Council?

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Step 1.Pick a meeting

Review the list of upcoming meetings and agendas to determine when you want to address City Council and proceed to Step 2.

Step 2.Gather your materials

For Appellants and Parties to Appeals and Quasi-Judicial Hearings:

  • Review deadline for submission of documentary evidence and presentations at
  • Items received by the deadlines are distributed to Council and attached to the related agenda item for public viewing.

Items received after the deadlines will not be considered at the meeting.

Step 3.Fill out the comment form

Let us know how you will like to address Council.

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Step 4.Participate in the City Council meeting

You will be called on at the appropriate time. When recognized:

  • State name and address when called upon (business or residential are acceptable).
  • Direct all remarks to the Council, not any one member.
  • Direct all discussions and questions to the presiding officer or request permission to address a member of Council.
  • Limit comments to 3 minutes or as set by Council.

Step 5.Follow the rules

Robert's Rules of Order govern the conduct of the meeting.

The City of Orlando encourages courteous, civil discourse in online settings. Persons making live public comments are asked to maintain the same level of decorum as they would at a traditional City Council meeting.