Register Your Security Alarm

Do you need to register your home or business security alarm system?

The City of Orlando requires you to register your alarm with the city. This helps prevent delays when the police department responds to an alarm. It can also:

  • Prevent delays due to incomplete or inaccurate addresses
  • Alert officers of any hazardous materials or situations at the location
  • Provide emergency contact information


Step 1.Check your eligibility

Your home or business must be within City of Orlando limits.

Check Your Address

Step 2.Gather your necessary materials

  • alarm company name
  • monitoring company name (if different)
  • the type of alarm system
  • at least one emergency contact name and number
  • mailing address (if different from primary)
  • gate codes (if necessary)

Step 3.Review the false alarm fee structure

The fines vary depending on whether your alarm is for a residential or commercial building.

View Fee Structure

Step 4.Register your alarm system

Register Alarm

Step 5.We will email you a receipt

Your receipt contains the five digit registration number from the city.

Step 6.Send your registration number

Contact your alarm company with your five digit registration code.