Register My Business as a Taxable Service Provider

Are you a utility company providing service to residents in the City of Orlando?

The city requires certain utility companies to register their business as a taxable service provider in an effort to maximize compliance with laws and contracts related to city revenues.


Check your eligibility

Your company must provide service to residents within the City of Orlando limits. You must register if your service provides one of the following:

  • Electricity
  • Fuel oil
  • L.P. gas
  • Natural gas
  • Water

Visit City Code Chapter 53 to learn more about municipal public service tax.

Register your business

The following form will ask a few basic questions to record your business as a service provider in the city.

Register as a Service Provider

We will record your company

We will record your company and contact you back if we have any questions.

Pay the municipal tax

Returns are due on the 20th day following the period end. Late returns may not take the collection allowance.

Pay Service Provider Tax