Washington Shores Special Plan

The City of Orlando’s Community Planning Studio has teamed with the Washington Shores Vision Task Force to shape a vision for the west Orlando neighborhood. The Task Force held monthly meetings, open to the public, and sponsored several workshops, including a community planning day on a Saturday morning in early September 2009.

The present-day work of the Task Force is an outgrowth of the Town Center Plan- Phase One Study Area report that was prepared for a portion of the Washington Shores area. The Phase One study, completed in August 1995, identified the need to continue improvements into the Columbia St. and Bruton Blvd. corridors and set in motion incremental changes and policies to improve these areas. The current focus of the Task Force is to develop appropriate guidelines for private development and public improvements in the Washington Shores Neighborhood while adding flexibility via a form-based zoning approach. The guidelines will promote better decisions regarding master plans, conditional use permits, planned developments, re-zonings, and density/intensity bonuses. The guidelines will also help to minimize intrusion of office and commercial uses into the surrounding residential neighborhoods and future redevelopment efforts on areas where they are most appropriate.

In addition to the guidelines provided in this document, Growth Management Plan subarea policy changes and Land Development Code amendments are also proposed. It is hoped that this work will yield greater predictability by establishing regulatory authority over future development proposals, while focusing the city’s efforts to improve the infrastructure of the area.

Plan Documents