City of Orlando Visual, Branding Assets and Guidelines

Below are commonly requested assets and resources, including photos, videos and graphics. If you are looking for an asset or resource not listed below, please submit a public records request.

Submit a Public Records Request

Please note that requesters/recipients are responsible to determine the legality of copying and further using the materials obtained from public record requests from the city. The City of Orlando will not be held responsible for the requester/recipient’s use of public records. As some public records may be subject to third-party copyright protection, requesters/recipients are advised to contact their own attorney for guidance on the legal use of public records.

City Logo and Style Guide

By downloading the logo, you agree to follow standards set forth in the City of Orlando Style Guide.

View the city style guide(PDF, 3MB)

The City of Orlando logo above is owned by the City and may not be used without the City’s permission.


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City Flag

The City of Orlando flag design is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

City Flag 


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