Mayor's Veterans Advisory Council

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Orlando is home to thousands of military veterans and members of the active military returning from deployment overseas. You may see their faces every day and not know the sacrifices they have made. For this reason and many more, we must continue to identify, honor and serve the needs of all our veterans.

The Mayor’s Veterans Advisory Council has a proud history of serving our community through education and outreach. This dedicated group of volunteers, representing more than 30 veterans’ organizations, puts together quality events that raise awareness of significant milestones, holidays and veteran-related topics.


To become the leading resource to the City of Orlando’s veteran community; to recognize our veteran’s services by honoring them through high quality events; to become the city’s leading advocate for our veterans; and to become the leading resource in regards to veteran related issues within the City of Orlando.

Committee Leadership

Chairperson: Priscila Kalagian
Vice Chairman: Michael Adams
Treasurer: Vincent Monitto
Secretary: Marilyn Biggs
Member Liaison: Christine Ladas-Drake

Chairperson's Message

Priscila Kalagian

The military has a great tradition of mentoring those we work with to continue the mission in any individual’s absence. It is in this spirit of service and dedication to our country and community that I follow the great example of Michael Waldrop, and Paul Hay before him, in leading the Orlando Mayor’s Veterans Advisory Council.

Our community is a great place for veterans and our families. Whether you are looking to attend our colleges or vocational schools, join our entrepreneurial sector or work in the corporations in our area, our community has everything you need to succeed in your post-military life while never losing touch with the spirit of camaraderie you had while serving. Attend one of our meetings and witness the support from Mayor Dyer, the City Commissioners and the wider community for our area’s veterans.  With over two dozen organizations represented, chances are you will feel at home.

Priscila Kalagian, Chairperson
City of Orlando Mayor’s Veterans Advisory Council

Each year, the Mayor’s Veterans Advisory Council hosts a number of events to honor our nation’s veterans.

Veterans Day Parade

Annual downtown Orlando parade which includes 100 units of local veterans’ organizations, members of the active military, bands, floats and more all coming together to pay tribute to those who have fought for our freedoms.

POW-MIA Recognition Ceremony

Annual event where we pledge to never forget our prisoners of war or those still missing in action, and pay tribute to their memories. The ceremony is held in the City Hall Rotunda. 

Scheduled Upcoming Events