Committee on Multicultural Affairs

multicultural committee

This appointed committee is comprised of 17 community leaders that represent diversity in race, gender, age, religious beliefs, national origin, cultural background, profession, sexual orientation and gender identity.

The formation of the Mayor's Committee on Multicultural Affairs came out of the development of the city’s Trust Act Policy and Resolution, passed in July 2018, to foster continued, ongoing collaboration with the local multicultural community.

The committee will help the city further the following goals:

  • Explore ideas and identify new opportunities to continue enhancing the engagement and strengthening the relationship between minority communities and city government. 
  • Ensure greater integration and collaboration with multicultural communities. 
  • Provide for ongoing collaboration with local multicultural community.
  • Further ensure, as a community, that the diverse needs of residents continue to be met.
  • Ensure all residents feel welcomed, respected and accepted.  


As a city, we remain focused on continuing to find ways to work together to embrace diversity, equality and fairness in Orlando and throughout the nation. The Committee on Multicultural Affairs will further our efforts to ensure that our residents and visitors feel welcomed, included and respected in the City of Orlando.

Committee Members

  • Yog Melwani, Chair
  • Gaby Ortigoni, Vice Chair
  • Sherry Paramore, Secretary
  • Rasha Mubarak
  • Miguel Kaled
  • Ben Friedman
  • Melissa Marantes
  • Jim Coffin
  • Coco Johnston
  • Rev. Dr. Rolous Frazier
  • Dr. Marie Jose Francois
  • Christopher Cuevas
  • Sandi Vidal
  • George Wallace
  • Wendy Doromal
  • Esteban Garces
  • Madeliene Francois