Cemetery Service Arrangements

Fees for service arrangements are collected when a service is confirmed and scheduled by Greenwood staff. All fees must be paid in full at least 24 hours before a scheduled service and no later than Friday at 10 a.m. for services scheduled on Weekends and Mondays.

Pre-paid service arrangements without a service date are not available.

The following fees cover preparation and finishing of the site before and after the service:

  • Burial Service with set-up* - $850
  • Burial Service without set-up - $700
  • Cremation Service with set-up* - $450
  • Cremation Service without set-up - $250
  • Infant Burial with set-up* - $400
  • Infant Burial without set-up - $295
  • Late Service surcharge (after 3 p.m.) - $150
  • Saturday surcharge - $150
  • Sunday surcharge - $400
  • Disinterment – Re-interment at Greenwood - $1250
  • Disinterment to another cemetery - $850

*Set-up packages include a tent, grass and 12 chairs. Additional chairs are $25 for a set of 6.

We at Greenwood are sensitive to your special needs at a time of personal loss. We strive to make arrangements as easy as possible for you and your family. If you own property at Greenwood, just tell your funeral director and they will work with us to complete the arrangements for a service.  

If you are not a current property owner, but choose Greenwood, your funeral director will provide us preliminary information about your service and we will wait for you to arrive at our office to make property arrangements. Some families choose to come to the cemetery prior to making arrangements with a funeral director, which is perfectly acceptable. We will then advise whichever funeral home you choose that you have obtained property at Greenwood and further the arrangements with them.

Military and fraternal organization honor ceremonies are welcomed and may be arranged through your funeral director.