Register as a Certified Minority or Women-Owned Enterprise (M/WBE)

Are you a minority or women-owned business seeking city contracts?

The City of Orlando offers equal contracting opportunities for city-certified, minority and women-owned businesses. Our directory of city-certified enterprises is a great way to market your business.


Step 1.Check your eligibility

Your business must be:

  • for profit (non-profits are not eligible).
  • at least 51 percent independently owned and controlled by a minority or a woman.
  • operational for at least six months.

Step 2.Review the certification rules

Review the most recently updated City of Orlando's M/WBE certification rules(PDF, 339KB) .

Step 3.Check if you have already registered as a vendor

Visit the link below to see if you are already a registered vendor. If you don't find your business listed, continue to Step 4to create your account in our vendor management system.

Look Up Your Business

Step 4.Fill out the application to register as a vendor

The registration process takes only a couple of minutes and all the information can be updated at any time. After the registration is completed, you will be automatically directed to the start of the certification application form.

Create Your Account

Step 5.We will contact you if more information is needed

We will call you or send a notification through our application system if more information is needed.

Step 6.We will let you know your application status

When we have all your necessary information, we will let you know if you have been approved or denied.

If you are denied, you may appeal through the Certification Appeals Board. See the Certification Appeals Board Rules and Process(PDF, 196KB).

Step 7.Attend the certified M/WBE orientation

If approved, you will also receive an invitation to attend a workshop to learn about city contract opportunities.