Reserve a Zero Waste Station for Your Event

Do you want to recycle at your event?

To expand our green event efforts, Keep Orlando Beautiful (KOB) offers zero waste stations to borrow for events within City of Orlando limits. One full scale Zero Waste Station set up consists of the following:

  • 45-gallon black trash cart
  • 45-gallon teal recycling cart
  • 45-gallon green food waste cart
  • Tent
  • Flag
  • Trash picker
  • Clear Stream Recycling racks, which are easy to transport, set up and maintain
  • Clear bags (must use provided bags only)
  • Gloves
  • Hauling of recyclables
  • Training consisting of guidelines and basic information on how to successfully recycle at your event

Up to five (5) stations (15 carts total) are available for use upon request. It is not required for an event organizer to take all parts. Simply borrow items that are needed or will be utilized for your event.

Please submit an application at least (2) weeks prior to the event.



Step 1.Gather your information

You will need to provide the following in your application:

  • Contact information
  • Driver's license number
  • Event details (permit number, tax exemption, etc.)
  • Types of beverages sold or dispensed
  • Recyclable materials generated

Step 2.Review deposit and hauling fees

For clear plastic bags, $0.50 per bag is the suggested donation for KOB to cover costs for this program. We will help you estimate number of bags needed. Unused bags may be kept or donated back to KOB.

Depending on size and location of event, a small service fee for hauling may be applied to cover cost and will be determined upon completion of form.

# of bins  Deposit 
1-10  $100
11-30  $150
31-50 $200
51-70 $250
71-100 $350 
Replacement Fees 
Bin frames $35 each
Bin lids $15 each
Aprons $10 each
Cleaning fee 1-20 bins: $10
20+ bins: $20 
Contamination fee $25 per bag 

The deposit will be returned in full if ALL bins, lids, and other supplies are returned clean and undamaged and collection form is completed. Otherwise, deposit will be applied toward replacement fees, cleaning charges, and contamination fees.

You will submit one or two checks prior to picking up supplies (make payable to Keep Orlando Beautiful):

  • One for donation amount (optional) and hauling fee (if applicable) 
  • One for bin/supply deposit (required)

Step 3.Fill out the application

Reserve a Zero Waste Station for Your Event

Step 4.We will contact you

KOB will review your application and will contact you via phone or e-mail upon receiving this form.

The deposit amount will be determined by number of bins needed and is fully refundable when collection data is submitted and ALL checked out materials are returned clean and in good condition. Suggested bag donation amount and hauling fee for recyclables, if applicable, will be determined based on information provided in application.

Step 5.Pick up materials

Contact and coordinate with KOB on pick up location and time. At time of supply release, a material checklist and recycling agreement will be provided which must be completed and signed.

You will be required to keep track of how many bags of recyclables are collected during the event. There is a section for this within the material check list form, which will be provided and must be completed and returned with supplies.

Step 6.Return materials after the event

Coordinate with KOB on drop off location and time. Keep in mind:

  • Trash carts must be emptied upon return (empty trash bags into event’s trash dumpster throughout the event).
  • Maintain clean streams of recycling and food waste by providing staff/volunteers to monitor stations at all times, or by sending out staff/volunteers in rounds to decontaminate using trash pickers.
  • Recycling and food waste can remain in carts as long as they are free of contamination (unacceptable items).
  • Bins and equipment lost or damaged beyond normal wear will incur a replacement fee.