Careers at the Orlando Police Department

OPD recruiters posing in front of a branded police car

The Orlando Police Department is hiring now! New officers can qualify for an $8,000 bonus.

The Orlando Police Department is a nationally recognized law enforcement agency that strives to keep our community safe by reducing crime and maintaining livable neighborhoods.

The Orlando Police Department is always hiring police officers. There are endless opportunities to grow and learn at the Orlando Police Department, to include a drug unit, TAC unit, K-9, financial crimes and more.

What we're offering certified police officers:

  • Candidates with 2 or more years of law enforcement experience will start at a base salary of $58,650 (plus incentives: $60,495).
  • Shoe allowance - $165
  • Shift differential (midnight shift) - $720
  • Longevity
  • Education Incentive (with four-year degree) - $960
  • All equipment provided
  • All officers are provided with a take home vehicle.
  • For out-of-state and first time officers, once hired, if you qualify, the Orlando Police Department officers will receive a $5,000 State of Florida Recruitment Bonus. Officers will also receive a $3,000 bonus from the Orlando Police Department. In total, hired officers receive a $8,000 bonus. 

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Certified, but out of state?

Are you a certified law enforcement officer in another state looking to relocate to Florida and apply with the Orlando Police Department?

  • STEP 1: Before applying, enroll into an Equivalency of Training (EOT) course. 
  • STEP 2: After EOT completion, schedule your Florida State Officer Certification Examination (SOCE).

Learn more from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Also, we offer the Civil Service Exam nationwide through the National Testing Network (NTN). If you are an out-of-state applicant, you can take our civil service exam at select local testing sites in your state or take the exam virtually. 

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If you are a certified law enforcement officer with two prior years of experience, it will advance you to a Step 2 Officer in terms of salary.

Not Certified Yet?

If you are not a certified law enforcement officer and you would like to become a police officer, you must complete a basic recruit training program at a Commission-certified training school or Police Academy.  

The Orlando Police Department offers sponsorships to attend the academy at Valencia College’s Criminal Justice Institute after you successfully go through our hiring process. 

Learn more about the Basic Law Enforcement Academy at Valencia College

Additional information for new police officers:

  • Minimum age limit is 21 years old
  • When first hired, it will as a temporary civilian employee, until you are sworn in by the Chief of Police during your orientation. Once sworn in, the pay will switch to a sworn police officer salary. 
  • As a new employee you will complete a nine-week orientation, as well as Field Training. This training consists of three phases of sixteen workdays, and one phase of seven workdays. 
  • After successful training completion, new officers are transferred to the Patrol Division and assigned to a midnight shift patrol squad. 
    • The schedule has two rotations - Alpha and Bravo
    • Workdays rotate the same every two weeks (80 hour pay periods)
      • Ex: Work two days, two regular days off, work three days, two regular days off, work two days, three regular days off.


Contact our recruiters

Sergeant Merius Gedeon

Sergeant Merius Gedeon
Recruiting Supervisor
U.S. Army Veteran

Phone: 407.246.3912


Corporal Jabiel Hernandez Cuevas

Corporal Jabiel Hernandez
Recruiting Specialist

Phone: 407.246.3926



Corporal Kasey Gennett

Corporal Kasey Gennett
Recruiting Specialist

Phone: 407.246.3972



Corporal Victoria Scott

Corporal Victoria Scott
Recruiting Specialist

Phone: 407.246.2388



Corporal Lawrence McCalley

Corporal Lawrence McCalley
U.S. Marine Corps Veteran
Military Recruiting Specialist

Phone: 407.246.3572


John Goodwin

John Goodwin
Retired Orlando Police Sergeant
Airport Division Recruiting Specialist

Phone: 407.825.2686