General Employees’ Pension Fund Board

Administration and responsibility for the General Employees’ Pension Plan is vested with the Mayor and City Council as the Pension Board of Trustees (Board) and the Pension Advisory Committee (PAC). The Board designates the chief financial officer (CFO) as the Plan Administrator to administer the Plan provisions. The PAC, which is chaired by the CFO and comprised of designees from each City department and from each collective bargaining group, advises the Board on matters related to the Plan. The Board and the PAC have a fiduciary responsibility to the Plan and its participants and, as such, must exercise prudent judgment in its oversight and administration of the pension fund.

Three individuals serve the Board in staff positions. Serving the Board is a primary function of their normal position with the City. Included in this group are the city treasurer (executive director), treasury manager (deputy executive director), and the pension coordinator.