City of Orlando's Fiscal Year 2020-2021 Budget

Join us for a budget workshop to learn more about the City of Orlando's Fiscal Year 2020/2021 budget.   

The Orlando City Council heard an initial briefing from staff on the city's Fiscal Year 2020/2021 proposed budget. The workshop presentation addressed how Orlando is preparing for economic uncertainties among the COVID-19 pandemic while maintaining a well-resourced city government that is prepared to respond to the needs of the community. The presentation also showed our commitment to investing in programs and resources that ensure every Orlando resident is equally protected and has equitable access to opportunity.


Budget Proposal Highlights

20-21 Budget Highlights
  • 14% increase in our Families, Parks and Recreation budget including the expansion of our Parramore Kidz Zone into three additional neighborhoods
  • Addition of a city Equity Official
  • $20 million in funding for short and long term housing
  • $4 million in job training and economic development initiatives for minority and women-owned business
  • Enhanced review and training for police use of force
  • Funding for mental health assistance for police officers
  • Allocation of police funds to pilot a co-responder model
  • Creation of a dedicated Community Oriented Policing Team


Budget Timeline

Public hearings with opportunity for public input will take place in September, with a final vote to adopt the proposed budget scheduled for September 21, 2020.