BLUEPRINT Clearinghouse and Enrollment Center

The BLUEPRINT Clearinghouse and Enrollment Center is a new iteration of the original BLUEPRINT program which was established in 2008 to connect residents to job opportunities on the Community Venues construction. 

In partnership with the Central Florida Urban League (CFUL), the BLUEPRINT program connects residents to more than 100 short-term job and vocational training programs that provide residents the short-term training they need to prepare for a long-term career in a high-demand, higher-wage industry. 

There are more than 100 approved job training programs which are typically between 5 and 22 weeks long. The list of approved programs is updated bi-annually by CareerSource Central Florida and is based on growing trends and workforce needs generally in six high-growth industries (Healthcare, Advanced Manufacturing, IT/Finance, Hospitality, Construction, and Trade/Logistics).

Many residents are eligible to get tuition fees waived for participating in these job training programs through the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act and through other funding sources, including funds received through the CARES Act. CareerSource Central Florida and CFUL work closely with residents to determine their eligibility of having their tuition fees covered.

Through the BLUEPRINT Clearinghouse and Enrollment Center, city residents can receive a training subsidy in the amount of $125 per week to help cover the costs of  housing, food and other needs while in their training program. CFUL verifies the resident’s participation in the job training program and disburses the training stipend to residents weekly.

Residents interested in learning more or enrolling in these programs, can visit the BLUEPRINT Clearinghouse and Enrollment Center located at 595 West Church Street in the CFUL offices or make an appointment with CareerSource Central Florida.