BLUEPRINT Clearinghouse and Enrollment Center

The BLUEPRINT Clearinghouse and Enrollment Center is a new iteration of the original BLUEPRINT Program which was established in 2008 to connect residents to job opportunities on the Community Venues construction.

As construction on the Community Venues is being completed, the city is phasing out the original BLUEPRINT Program and closed its office in August. Since the BLUEPRINT Program was established, 12,155 residents have registered at the employment office and 4,217 residents were placed in jobs.

In partnership with the Central Florida Urban League (CFUL), BLUEPRINT will connect residents with to more than 100 vocational training opportunities. These job training programs allow residents to get the short-term training they need to prepare for a long-term career in a high-demand, higher-wage industry. 

  • The CFUL will host the new program at its offices on West Church Street in Parramore and provide guidance to any resident interested in learning more about or enrolling in job training programs.

  • Through the Federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, and through our local CareerSource of Central Florida, many residents are eligible to get scholarships to cover tuition and fees for participating these job training programs. CFUL will partner closely with CareerSource Central Florida to determine a resident’s eligibility in hopes of removing any financial barrier for a resident wishing to enroll.

  • Any resident can visit the center to learn more about or to enroll in job training programs.

  • The city is providing training subsidies for individuals who wish to enroll in these job training programs but need to continue to pay for housing, food and other needs while in the program(s).
    • The funding will allow city residents to receive a subsidy in the amount of $125 per week.
    • CFUL will verify a resident's attendance in the training program to ensure only those in the training receive such assistance.
  • There are more than 100 approved job and vocational training opportunities in the region. CareerSource updates the approved training provider list bi-annually based on growing trends and workforce needs generally based in six high-growth industries
    • Healthcare
    • Advanced Manufacturing
    • IT/Finance
    • Hospitality
    • Construction
    • Trade/Logistics
  • Some examples of the training programs include the Patient Care Assistant Program hosted by Southern Technical Institute (and hosted at the Callahan Center), as well as the short-term job training programs such as Electric Board Assembly and Mechatronics, which are hosted at the new Valencia Center for Accelerated Training in Parramore.