SODO Special Plan Overlay

Following an update to the Vision Plan for the SODO area, the City has drafted a Special Plan overlay that will expand the Orange/Michigan Special Plan area. The Special Plan includes a Town Design Review Committee (TDRC) function that will expedite land development reviews in the area, similar to Baldwin Park and the Southeast Sector Plan areas.
  • Administrative Approval. A Town Design Review Committee will provide approvals.
  • Expanded Uses. The overlay expands the amount of uses allowed.
  • Expanded Area. The Special Plan overlay will expand to the industrials areas between I-4 and Orange Avenue.
  • Increased heights. The industrial areas have additional height allocations in the special plan overlay (up to 200-ft).
  • Increased Bonuses.  At certain nodes in the district, such as adjacent to the train station, there are additional development rights.
  • Complete Street Standards. The overlay creates standards for complete street projects in the area. 
  • Additional Signage Rights.  The special plan overlay grants new specialty sign rights.
The ordinance prepared for the Special Plan is scheduled to be considered by the City Council at the November 9 and December 7, 2020 meetings.