Curry Ford Vision Plan - Community Meeting #2 Minutes

1. Overview

Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, April 16, 2019   6 - 8 p.m.
Dover Shores Community Center
1400 Gaston Foster Road, Orlando, FL

 Meeting Attendees 

  • District 4 City Commissioner Patty Sheehan
  • City Staff
  • Consultants from S&ME, Inc., Toole Design Group and Wyche & Associates
  • Members of the public

2.  Overview

The second Curry Ford Vision Plan community meeting took place on Tuesday, April 16, 2019 at the Dover Shores Community Center from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. A total of 72 people attended, not including commissioners and staff.

Elisabeth Dang, City Planning Division Chief Planner, welcomed the participants and introduced city staff and Pat Tyjeski, S&ME Project Manager. The consulting team went through a PowerPoint presentation addressing the following topics:

  1. Purpose of Workshop #2
  2. Project Scope & Timeline
  3. Workshop #1 Observations
  4. Area Overview
  5. Redevelopment Potential
  6. Roadway Design
  7. Public Input/Stations
  8. Next Steps

During the presentation, Ms. Tyjeski mentioned the Curry Ford West Main Street and invited Ms. Debra Ray to introduce herself and speak briefly about the program. Also, prior to the Public Input session, Ms. Tyjeski asked Commissioner Sheehan if she wanted to address the workshop attendees and she did. The presentation concluded at 7 p.m.

After the presentation, workshop attendees were invited to visit four stations that were set up around the room for obtaining more detailed information regarding the topics discussed during the presentation. The stations were as follows:

  1. Land use, zoning and development scenarios
  2. Urban form, architecture and signs
  3. Roadway cross sections
  4. Online survey results and workshop #1 comments

Two S&ME/city staff members facilitated each station and answered questions from the public. After the attendees visited the stations and provided comments, they were invited to place green colored dots on any comments, graphics or maps that they liked the most and red dots for items they liked the least. There were also markers and large notepads at each station for the public to provide comments. The public input session ended at 8 p.m.

3. Public Comments

The following comments were collected from notes places on the large note pads and display boards:

  • More trees
  • Like shade trees
  • Use palm trees rather than oaks – much less maintenance
  • Palm trees provide no shade
  • More crosswalks
  • Like mid-block crossings
  • Need flash lights at mid-block crossings
  • Mid-block crossings are dangerous
  • Need bike paths
  • Multi-use path on North Bumby has helped greatly
  • Like separated bike lanes
  • Better sidewalks
  • Need sitting areas along sidewalks
  • Plants next to the building help the vertical height
  • ADA - Sidewalks not conducive to wheelchairs
  • ADA (accessibility) is top priority as we have an aging population and need to have equal enjoyment
  • Keep accessibility (ADA) at top of mind in implemented changes, increase awareness of people with disabilities
  • Improve walkability with bike paths and sidewalks
  • Improve bus stops
  • Off-peak parallel parking won’t fly especially further east close to Semoran
  • No parallel parking (2)
  • Parking and bikes out of roadway
  • No parallel parking on Crystal Lake Drive
  • Concerned with on-street/parallel parking
  • Ensure parked cars along Curry Ford do not block view of oncoming traffic
  • Install speed bumps in the neighborhood
  • Talked about not reducing lanes on Curry Ford, but essentially they are at some time of day
  • Curry Ford between Bumby and Primrose needs to be narrow or have traffic calming based on area character
  • Get Orange County buy-in/participation
  • Need connection to Demetree Park
  • Connect Greenwood Cemetery to the pedestrian/bike system, let it function like a park
  • Don’t like new Walgreens building – right up to the sidewalk, dangerous for cars, people and bikes
  • Crime and safety do change when Vision Plans are implemented
  • More lighting
  • More/better lighting – same color temperature/brighter
  • Move power lines – no 2-stories or urban development where power lines are so obvious
  • Landscaping should not block view of oncoming traffic
  • Keep small town atmosphere (e.g. Plant Street in Winter Garden), don’t encourage over development
  • Do not over develop – no 3-stories on Henderson Drive
  • Develop as much as possible. We are missing a “Park Avenue” and “Mills” vibe and area. Would attract a lot of people in the community
  • Multi-dwelling/mixed-use/accessible living will help the area as we continue to build community and inclusivity (+ aging)
  • Liked Publix/Papa John’s rendering slide showing potential development
  • Single use buildings are better, but not fast food chains
  • Like the low rise buildings with balconies
  • Improve appearance surrounding apartment complex behind Bruno’s pizza
  • Limit uses – no car dealerships