Curry Ford Vision Plan

The City of Orlando is beginning the visioning process for Curry Ford Road from Cloverlawn Avenue to Dixie Belle Drive that will examine transportation, development, infrastructure and the character of the surrounding neighborhoods and commercial district.

The Curry Ford Road area has become a popular destination for new small businesses, who have collectively worked together to become a designated Market Street, named “Curry Ford West”. In addition to this commercial growth and redevelopment, Curry Ford is also attracting more residential development as more people want to live in this neighborhood with its proximity to unique retail options and downtown Orlando.

With this added growth comes the need to ensure the foundation of this healthy, vibrant area in our city remains a strong neighborhood and great place to live. To further that, the city is creating a vision plan that will directly engage residents and business owners in the area to develop a long-term vision and plan to guide future growth in the area to ensure it is strategic, protects the existing character and provides for long-term stability for residents, visitors, businesses, etc.