Orlando is in Beta


We're in Beta. What's Beta?

Beta is the next phase of orlando.gov. The City of Orlando is working toward a more user-friendly and services-first approach to the website. We first launched the alpha version of orlando.gov in the summer of 2017. The site was independent to the city's official website, cityoforlando.net. 

For the alpha, the Digital Communications and Digital Services teams picked 13 city services and asked staff to try something new: review these services, identify areas to improve and switch from paper to online forms.

Over the past year, we worked out the bugs, surveyed residents, talked to people one-on-one and continually made improvements to those 13 services. People began to notice positive changes. Residents could easily submit requests, receive time frames for fulfilling those requests and provide feedback. Staff saw a major shift in how residents communicated with them, especially in the decrease of phone calls and miscommunication.

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Some services even stopped using their traditional intake methods and began primarily using their online forms at orlando.gov.



We continue to add services and are proud to say we now have 60 residential services available at beta.orlando.gov.

Although some digital services are still a work in progress, we are using these services to change how we do business in the city, with the city and with our residents.