Weekly Recycling and Garbage Collection Program

weekly collection

Weekly Collection:

  • Increase recycling to once per week
  • Decrease garbage collection to once per week
  • Remain once a week for yard waste and large items

* If your household produces more garbage than the one cart can hold, a second garbage cart will be issued at no extra cost as long as you recycle.

Why Weekly Collection

The City launched a pilot program, in seven Orlando neighborhoods, in February 2016. Recycling collection was increased from once every other week to once per week, and garbage collection was reduced from twice per week to once per week. The goal of the program was to meet the demand for increased recycling service by current participants and to encourage more resident participation in our recycling program.

Due to the success of this pilot, we are expanding the pilot city-wide in several phases in 2017. By providing increased recycling pickup, we hope more residents will participate in the City’s recycling program and help make Orlando one of the most sustainable cities in America.

Q: Why is the City transitioning to weekly recycling and garbage collection?

A: Many solid waste customers have requested increased recycling collection and also told us that they don’t need the second garbage collection day. Field reviews have shown that many homes don’t put their garbage cart out both days or if they do it is often less than half full.

Increasing recycling to weekly collection and reducing garbage to once per week will allow the City to keep the same monthly fee. This change is also consistent with the Mayor Dyer’s Green Works Orlando Action Plan to reduce our carbon footprint in the delivery of services to the public.

Q: When will weekly collection begin in my area?

A: The city has rolled out this program citywide as of August 2017.

Q: Weekly garbage collection is not enough for my household.

A: Residents are encouraged to use their recycling container more. The more you recycle, the less garbage is produced. If you’re unsure of the material you can recycle, look on the top of the lid of your recycling cart.

If you are participating in our recycling program and one garbage cart isn’t sufficient to hold all your garbage, you can receive a second garbage cart at no extra charge.

There is no change in yard waste and large item collection. Yard waste, in bags and bundles, and large items are collected each week.

Q: What if I have a special event and one garbage cart is not enough?

A: You may contact the Solid Waste Division to discuss your needs and a solution is identified prior to your event.

Q: Won't weekly garbage collection invite pests, bugs and will stink?

A: Odor, insects and rodents should not be an issue as long as trash bags are tied tightly, and your trash cart is fully closed. Your city-issued trash container is specifically designed with a tight fitting lid to prevent rain, wind, rodents and flies from entering. An occasional washing with water and dish soap will help keep your cart odor-free.