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Last updated on June 05, 2017

Pulse Media – Credential and Logistics – Note from the Chairman, Central Florida Media Committee

Fellow Journalist,

You are one of over 750 journalists credentialed to cover the media events related to the terror attack at the Pulse night club planned for June 12, 2017. I am writing to share some important logistical information.

I serve as the chairman of the Central Florida Media committee, a consortium of media outlets assigned to assist in the planning and logistics for large media events.  At the request of the event organizers our group has been assisting with the planning of the media related logistics for the planned events of June 12, 2017.

June 12, 2017 will be a significant moment in the timeline of the Pulse nightclub terror attack. Out of town journalists who came to Orlando last year will see the media layout that once surrounded an active crime scene has transitioned to an evolving memorial and the logistics in covering this event will be very different than last year. The large volume of people expected to be on site at the Pulse nightclub and Lake Eola this year required event organizers to take steps to ensure a serene and peaceful environment would be provided for those most impacted.

A large number of victims, survivors, family members, first responders and caregivers have been invited to attend events at the Pulse nightclub and Lake Eola. For some, it will be the first time visiting either site since the attack. Event organizers have ensured their invited guests they will be able gather and participate in these events in private. While the public and media are invited as well, certain areas will designated for invited guests.  The event organizers recognize the significant news value of these events and have invited the Central Florida Media Committee to provide pooled television and print coverage of these events. The media credentials being issued serve as identification, they do not provide access into any specific areas or events. Notification to specific journalists who have been invited into the private areas has already been made by the event organizers.

The planning of the media footprint has been carefully constructed to allow media access without changing the dynamics of the planned events for those which they are intended.  The area around the Pulse nightclub is expected to be very congested and parking and moving will be very limited.Event organizers remind everyone not to pick up or relocate any of the memorial items left at the Pulse nightclub.  I strongly urge all media outlets to plan on being as portable as possible while working at Pulse, make use of ridesharing, dropoffs and to also make use of the larger media workspace at Lake Eola. In addition to these events, the area will also be experiencing everyday traffic from residents, employees and businesses in the area.

The event organizers do appreciate the coverage in memory of those lost and injured, they asked me to share a final reminder to continue to be respectful of those attending who have been most impacted.

Thank you,

Dave Sirak

Chairman, Central Florida Media Committee


More information is available at cflmedia.org  

Media Parking Information and Credential Distribution Details

Credential Distribution:

Credentials will be distributed on site at Lake Eola on Sunday, June 11 from 12 PM – 5 PM and Monday, June 12 starting at 6 AM.

The credentialing desk will be located in Lake Eola Park, directly south of East Washington Street near the News 13 Pool Production Truck.

Credential distribution will not be done at the Pulse Nightclub site.  All media should plan to pick up their credentials first at the Lake Eola site before going to the Pulse Nightclub site.

Credentials for Journalists from CFN13, News 96.5, WESH, WFTV, WKMG, WOFL, WVEN, WTMO have already been presented to a representative from each media outlet and no pickup is required.

Media Parking
Please refer to the Media Layouts on www.cflmedia.org to see this information visually.


Lake Eola Television Broadcast Vehicle Parking
Two locations are designated for assigned television broadcast vehicle parking at Lake Eola.  No assigned parking is planned for crew vehicles.

All assigned television broadcast vehicle parking spaces in both location will be available starting at 12 PM. noon on Sunday, June 11th. Television broadcast vehicles should plan to arrive on Sunday, June 11 between 12 PM and 5 PM.

Television broadcast vehicles arriving after 5 PM on Sunday, June 11 may lose their assigned spot.

Since no crew vehicle parking is being assigned crews are advised to load critical equipment into their television broadcast vehicles.  Crew vehicle parking will be in open metered parking garages.  Crew drop-offs and pickups are advised.

5th/3rd Bank Parking Lot – Near Lake Eola
22 parking spots for satellite trucks are available in the East 5th/3rd Bank parking lot on Robinson with access for all commonly used satellites.

This location provides for cabling access to designated stand-up areas located directly south of the parking lot in the park along the lake shoreline with a background shot that looks back at the amphitheater.

Lake Eola Broadband/Cellular Truck Parking:

There are 30 metered spots that will be marked for media parking here.  These are located along the north side and south side of East Central Boulevard near the Eye Sculpture in Lake Eola, between Rosalind and Lake Avenue.

Directly north of the parking area, located in the park is a paved deck that will allow for stand-ups with a background shot that looks back at the Amphitheater.

Broadband, cellular trucks and all other media vehicles should park here.  This location does not provide look angles to satellite.

Lake Eola Media Overflow Parking

There are 19 spots on the surface lot at the corner of East Robinson Street and North Rosalind Avenue that will be available for overflow media parking.  Those spaces in the lot can be accessed from East Ridgewood Street.

A single representative from each credentialed media outlet credential should request Lake Eola satellite truck parking using the link before Friday June 9th at 6 PM:


Please be advised satellite truck parking for networks and out of town media is not being assigned at the Pulse Nightclub location.

Organizers of the events at Pulse have made arrangements for some media outlets on Pulse property independent of the Central Florida Media committee.

If you have not been informed by the event organizers directly you should plan to park in the designated network and out of town media locations.

These parking spaces will be available starting at 12 PM. noon on Sunday, June 11.

Satellite Truck Parking:
Satellite truck parking will be provided along East Esther Street from Orange Avenue to Baylarian Boulevard.  Parking will be allowed along both the north and south sides of street.

This parking is along residential streets, no blocking of driveways or access for residents will be permitted.

This location provides for cabling to standup areas on the public Rights of Way (ROW) in front of Radio Shack and Wendy’s.    Please note, these are operating businesses and blocking of customer and/or employee access or use of any of the private property of these business is not permitted.

Broadband/Cellular Truck & Other Media Parking:
Broadband, cellular trucks and all other media vehicles should park along East Harding Street from Orange Avenue to Baylarian Boulevard.  Parking will be allowed along both the north and south sides of street.

This parking is along residential streets, no blocking of driveways or access for residents will be permitted.

For more Information, please visit cflmedia.org
Credential and Media Parking Questions: mediacentralflorida@gmail.com

For media inquiries specific to the City of Orlando, Orange County Government and event organizers, please see contact information below:

City of Orlando
Cassandra Lafser, Cassandra.Lafser@cityoforlando.net  407-246-2182

Orange County Government and History Center
Carrie Proudfit, Carrie.Proudfit@ocfl.net 407-836-5429

“Orlando Love: Remembering Our Angels” – Lake Eola Event on June 12 at 7:00 p.m.
Jeff Prystajko jeff@comeoutwithpride.org 585.414.4777

Pulse Nightclub
Sara Brady, Pulse Nightclub  sbrady@sarabradypr.com  407-408-4000

“Acts of Love and Kindness” by the One Orlando Alliance
Carlos Carbonell, carlos@justecho.com 888.324.6115 x103 or
Robin Maynard, robin@libbyslegacy.org 407-898-1991

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