Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer's Neighborhood and Community Summit

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Mayor Buddy Dyer’s Annual Neighborhood and Community Summit is an engaging experience that brings together residents and community leaders to connect, learn and grow.

On Saturday, March 2, 2019, more than 300 neighborhood and community leaders came together for Mayor Dyer's 14th Annual Neighborhood and Community Summit. Participants had the opportunity to gather resources and information necessary to build strong, vibrant communities and organizations.

2019 Summit Workshops

Ask Your Mayor

Attendants participated in a conversation with Mayor Buddy Dyer on topics that impact our city, economy, community and neighborhoods. They learned about some of the exciting projects happening this year and how they can stay informed, connected and involved with the city.

The U.S. Census: The Importance of Getting Counted

In the 2010 U.S. Census only 70% of Orlando residents were counted. It is estimated that our local community lost $2,200 in federal funding per person because many residents were not counted. This amount could have funded critical services in the City of Orlando. This workshop explained the importance of the U.S. Census for representation and federal funding. We discussed best practices used across the country to count hard-to-reach communities.

Download the presentation - The U.S. Census: The Importance of Getting Counted.pdf(PDF, 7MB)  

Building A LGBTQ+ Inclusive Organization

Have you ever wondered what LGBTQ+ means? Are you trying to make your organization or programs more inclusive? In this workshop attendants learned the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity. We discussed best practices used by non-profits and companies when working with LGBTQ+ clients, and gave steps organizations can take to create a safe place to increase productivity and profits, while attracting the best and brightest.

Download the presentation: Building a LGBTQ+ Inclusive Organization.pdf(PDF, 2MB)

Rising Above The Crowd: How To Promote Your Organization In The Community

Attendants learned proven methods of promoting their organization’s programs, services, events and impacts through social media, community outreach, partnerships and non-traditional media relations. Attendants left with a template for a communication plan that will expand their reach and build their community capital.

Leadership Succession Planning For Neighborhood Organizations

Does your neighborhood organization have a leadership development or succession plan in place? Does your organization identify and cultivate potential leaders? Attendants learned the importance of creating a succession plan and the steps they need to take to be successful.

Download the presentation - Leadership Succession Planning for Neighborhood Organizations.pdf(PDF, 178KB)

City Resources For Mandatory Associations

In this workshop, attendants learned about city resources that may supplement and support condominium and mandatory homeowners associations’ responsibilities. The workshop highlighted city resources that may contribute to enhancing your common areas and discussed training and educational programs for your board and neighbors. The city team outlined resources and programs designed to make it easier to manage your association and maintain a livable, inclusive and connected neighborhood.

Download the presentation - City Resources for Mandatory Associations.pdf(PDF, 152KB)

Inclusion And Diversity: The Next Big Step

Demographic changes present challenges and opportunities for organizations and communities to grow. As our communities continue to grow more diverse, organizations must create conditions so everyone can participate and enjoy the benefits of living in the City Beautiful. This workshop shared some tools to support organizations seeking to become more inclusive in our growing multicultural community.

Download the presentation - Inclusion and Diversity: The Next Big Step.pdf(PDF, 4MB)

Formula For A Successful and Impactful Event

If you build it, they will come...or will they? There’s a fine line between events that succeed and those that do not. How can you make the most of your event promotion, especially on a tight budget? There are many strategies that will get your event noticed. In this workshop, attendants learned how successful organizations approach their event strategies differently than others.

Hispanic Office For Local Assistance (HOLA): At Your Service

Mayor Buddy Dyer created a one of a kind program to support our growing Hispanic population almost 15 years ago. HOLA provides valuable information and referral services to bilingual residents and newcomers to Central Florida, connecting them with more than 100 government and community organizations to find jobs, housing, healthcare services, educational opportunities and other resources. In this workshop, attendants learned about HOLA and the ways it serves our residents.

Download the presentation - Hispanic Office for Local Assistance (HOLA): At Your Service.pdf(PDF, 2MB)

Engaging With Your City: Citizen Volunteer Opportunities for Every Interest

Looking for ways to get involved with the City of Orlando? You can be a part of something bigger than yourself when you volunteer. This workshop discussed the various volunteer opportunities available and how you can become a volunteer. Your service can be a major part of the solution.

Finding Funds, Partners And Advocates For Your Organization’s Mission

The Central Florida Foundation’s staff shared the benefits and the process of developing your organization’s online “Portrait”; demonstrated ways to identify current community needs and explained how to create a strategy to acquire funds and strategic partners to achieve your organization’s mission.

Community Building

Strong communities are the cornerstone of a resilient city. This interactive workshop left participants with the real world practical skills necessary to bring communities together and make them stronger. Together, we discussed what it means to be part of a community, explored incentives and disincentives to participation, and shared resources to help strengthen your neighborhood organization.