Mayor's Neighborhood and Community Awards

Mayor Dyer created the Community Builder, Neighborhood Champion and the Diversity and Inclusion Champion Awards to honor and recognize volunteers and organizations who excel in building better neighborhoods and strengthening our community.

The Community Builder Award recognizes a community organization that has made a significant impact on the well-being of our community.

 2021 Community Builder Award Recipient

Valencia College Peace and Justice Institute

The Peace and Justice Institute, affectionately known to many as PJI, promotes peace and justice for all, devoting all of its efforts to nurturing an inclusive and respectful environment on campus and within our community - an environment where conflict leads to growth and transformation.

PJI believes that every individual is a rising peace and justice practitioner and provides tools to help each of us become leaders of social change.

The Orlando Sentinel named the Peace and Justice Institute one of the 101 things to love about Central Florida, and PJI was presented as a credible pathway to peace at a High-Level Forum at the United Nations in 2018.

PJI’s annual Global Peace Week, its Conversation on Justice, and Resilience Conferences educate and advance important community initiatives, while the Teachers Academy, Interfaith Series, and ongoing community dialogues, including Mayor Dyer’s MLK Commission’s DREAM Series, make PJI a unique and valuable asset in Central Florida.

Organizations, businesses and governments engage PJI to create more equitable and inclusive environments for employees and the people they serve. PJI helps organizations strengthen their culture of trust and collaboration, internally and externally.

Since his service in the Florida Senate and throughout his 18 years as Mayor of Orlando, Mayor Dyer has made diversity, equity and inclusion priorities of his administration through many partnerships and collaborations with PJI.

Congratulations Peace and Justice Institute!

The Neighborhood Champion Award recognizes the contributions neighborhood volunteers make to improve the quality of life in our city.

2021 Neighborhood Champion Award Recipient


Madeleine Francois – District 6
MetroWest Neighborhood

As a resident of MetroWest for 26 years and president of the Isles of MetroWest HOA for 15 years, Madeleine Francois has always worked at building community and creating a sense of cohesiveness amongst her neighbors.

Madeleine was born in the Caribbean Island of St. Lucia and raised in the United Kingdom. In 1994 she relocated to Florida with her eye set on MetroWest. The first time she visited the community, it felt like home. Madeleine recalls touring several empty lots where houses would one day be built. During that tour Madeleine and her husband came across the St. Andrews subdivision, and the house they would now call their home of 26 years.

After living in the neighborhood for a short while, Madeleine desired to keep abreast of current and future developments. To accomplish this goal, she attend a neighborhood association meeting. At that meeting Madeleine realized how much her new home and preserving the aesthetics of the neighborhood meant to her. She quickly volunteered for the Landscaping Committee to help maintain the neighborhoods charm. At the following meeting Madeleine was asked to Chair the committee and the rest was history.

Madeleine began going door to door to encourage her neighbors to volunteer for varies association activities. She quickly became the “go-to” person for her neighbors in any situation. During that time there were two break-ins in the neighborhood, and Madeleine decide that was two too many and considered what action to take to remedy the situation. She met with the District 6 Commissioner who suggested a Neighborhood Watch Program. Madeleine took his advice and began writing letters to her neighbors about the need for a Neighborhood Watch Program and Block Captions to help lead the charge. The Neighborhood Watch group was formed.

Because of Madeleine’s efforts residents became more connected and vigilant to their surroundings. During Madeleine’s time as President she coordinated the first National Night Out party in MetroWest. In 2019 she was recognized by the MetroWest Master Association for her outstanding support and contribution to the MetroWest National Night Out Celebration.

 Madeleine has served in varies roles and capacities within the MetroWest community, but when asked what she is most proud of, she says her efforts to get the water fountain feature installed at the entryway of the neighborhood with the help of a Mayor’s Matching Grant. In addition to the lighting aesthetics that were added along Westpointe Blvd.

 Congratulations Madeleine! 

The Diversity and Inclusion Champion Award recognizes an organization or an individual who has demonstrated through their efforts a serious commitment to inclusion. 2020 Diversity and Inclusion Champion Award Recipient


2021 Diversity and Inclusion Champion Award Recipient

Center For Multicultural Wellness and Prevention

The Center for Multicultural Wellness and Prevention is a health referral agency that provides education and prevention services to uninsured and underserved African-Americans, Hispanics and people of Caribbean descent.

The core of this organization is to educate those in the targeted communities about diverse racial and ethnic health issues through education, prevention, case management, and to facilitate access to Health Care Services throughout Central Florida. 

Center for Multicultural Wellness and Prevention is dedicated to developing a community that fosters and supports optimal health for everyone through health fairs, street outreach, seminars, cultural diversity workshops, and neighborhood events.

HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Cardiovascular Diseases, Women’s Health Issues, Sickle Cell Anemia, and Diabetes are just some of the health subjects that CMWP is committed to address in the targeted populations.

Congratulations to the Center For Multicultural Wellness and Prevention! 

2020 Neighborhood Champion Award Recipient

John and Carla Daly, Vista Lakes Homeowners Association, Vista Lakes Neighborhood

2019 Neighborhood Champion Award Recipient
Genie Tuten, Wadeview Park Neighborhood Association, Wadeview Neighborhood

2018 Neighborhood Champion Award Recipient
Shirley Bradley, Bunche Manor Hollando Homeowners Association, Clear Lake Neighborhood

2017 Neighborhood Champion Award Recipient
Jean Gertenbach, Mai Kai Condominiums, Conway Neighborhood

2016 Neighborhood Champion Award Recipient
Vencina “Vinnie” Cannady, Carter Street Neighborhood Association, Parramore Neighborhood

2015 Neighborhood Champion Award Recipient
Faye Henderson, Lake Orlando Homeowners Association, Rosemont Neighborhood

2014 Neighborhood Champion Award Recipient
Churchill Thompson, Rose Isle Neighborhood Association, Rose Isle Neighborhood

2013 Neighborhood Champion Award Recipient
Fannie Williams, Clear Lake Cove Neighborhood Association, Clear Lake Neighborhood

2012 Neighborhood Champion Award Recipient
Tommy Chappell, Spring Lake Manor Neighborhood Association, Rock Lake Neighborhood

2011 Neighborhood Champion Award Recipient
Tom Golay, Engelwood Park Neighborhood Association, Engelwood Park Neighborhood