Mayor's Neighborhood and Community Awards

Mayor Dyer created the Community Builder, Neighborhood Champion and the Diversity and Inclusion Champion Awards to honor and recognize volunteers and organizations who excel in building better neighborhoods and strengthening our community.

The Community Builder Award recognizes a community organization that has made a significant impact on the well-being of our community.

 2020 Community Builder Award Recipient


Central Florida Community Arts

Starting in 2010 as an idea for a small choir, Central Florida Community Arts (CFCArts) has grown exponentially to become the nation’s largest community choir, Florida’s largest symphony orchestra, a flourishing community theatre and a multitude of performing arts programs for students of all ages. With the re-imagining of the CFCArts School of the Arts in 2018, the school now has an academy offering private lessons and group classes; outreach programs for under-supported or otherwise marginalized populations; arts experiences for healthy, older adults; and arts and wellness programs for people with varying abilities in over 70 site-specific programs.

CFCArts thrives through its many partnerships and collaborations and reaches thousands of artists of all ages and abilities across a four-county region. With the vision to give everyone in Central Florida the opportunity to connect, serve and perform, CFCArts strives to create a safe place where the arts are affordable and accessible to all – no one is left behind. 

CFCArts is a true Community Builder, and the board, staff and membership are excited to continue furthering their mission of serving and building community through the arts. Central Florida Community Arts truly has a “Heart for the Community” and is thankful for the support of the City of Orlando and the Central Florida community.

The Neighborhood Champion Award recognizes the contributions neighborhood volunteers make to improve the quality of life in our city.

2020 Neighborhood Champion Award Recipient


John and Carla Daly – District 1 –Vista Lakes Neighborhood

John and Carla Daly moved into the Vista Lakes Neighborhood in 2014. Before unpacking the first box, they got to work engaging their association, getting to know their neighbors and advocating for change. The Daly’s steadfast passion and dedication to seeing their community be the best it could be enlivened those around them. 

In three years, the Daly’s efforts saw 14 new neighborhood representatives elected across the community. Six years later John now serves as president of the Vista Lakes Community and together they have infused a culture of volunteerism into their neighborhood, transforming what was one small neighborhood committee that struggled for volunteers to one that oversees ten committees full of volunteers making a difference across their community every day. 

The Daly’s efforts have resulted in creating a sense of neighborhood pride by starting a Yard of the Quarter program, offering free CPR and Stranger Danger classes and creating a funding source for each neighborhood to host neighborhood block parties. 

John and Carla have created a sense of pride in their neighborhood. Under their leadership they have created a true sense of community and lead a group of volunteers to make Vista Lakes an engaged, active community.

The Diversity and Inclusion Champion Award recognizes an organization or an individual who has demonstrated through their efforts a serious commitment to inclusion. 2020 Diversity and Inclusion Champion Award Recipient


2020 Diversity and Inclusion Champion Award Recipient

One Orlando Alliance

One Orlando Alliance is a coalition of over 30 organizations working together to transform Central Florida into a safe and inclusive community where all LGBTQ+ people can thrive. Formed as a result of the Pulse tragedy, they united to ensure that our community healed and grew stronger, together. Now, they work diligently to address the most pressing challenges that affect LGBTQ+ people and are focused on solving the root causes of community-centric issues like healthcare, homelessness, hate crimes and racial inequality. Their mission is to unify and empower LGBTQ+ organizations in Central Florida. They achieve that through unprecedented communication and collaboration amongst our established member organizations while continuously identifying gaps and barriers affecting our most marginalized and vulnerable community members to ensure their voices are also heard. 

The coalition understands that transformative change begins with an unwavering commitment to bettering the welfare of all. Their vision is for Central Florida to serve as a model of nonprofits, businesses, philanthropic and government institutions, all working together to create a safe, welcoming, and inclusive community for all LGBTQ+ people. They will achieve this by offering deep respect for one another and ensuring inclusiveness within Central Florida’s extremely diverse population so that all LGBTQ+ people can realize a sense of belonging here. As we look to the future, their new program of Inclusion Learning Journey will help organizations transform workplace cultures, increase innovation and reduce risk through LGBTQ+ focused education, experiences and insight. Together with community partners, they will transform the culture of the region.

2019 Neighborhood Champion Award Recipient
Genie Tuten, Wadeview Park Neighborhood Association, Wadeview Neighborhood

2018 Neighborhood Champion Award Recipient
Shirley Bradley, Bunche Manor Hollando Homeowners Association, Clear Lake Neighborhood

2017 Neighborhood Champion Award Recipient
Jean Gertenbach, Mai Kai Condominiums, Conway Neighborhood

2016 Neighborhood Champion Award Recipient
Vencina “Vinnie” Cannady, Carter Street Neighborhood Association, Parramore Neighborhood

2015 Neighborhood Champion Award Recipient
Faye Henderson, Lake Orlando Homeowners Association, Rosemont Neighborhood

2014 Neighborhood Champion Award Recipient
Churchill Thompson, Rose Isle Neighborhood Association, Rose Isle Neighborhood

2013 Neighborhood Champion Award Recipient
Fannie Williams, Clear Lake Cove Neighborhood Association, Clear Lake Neighborhood

2012 Neighborhood Champion Award Recipient
Tommy Chappell, Spring Lake Manor Neighborhood Association, Rock Lake Neighborhood

2011 Neighborhood Champion Award Recipient
Tom Golay, Engelwood Park Neighborhood Association, Engelwood Park Neighborhood