Facial Recognition Pilot Program

Amazon Rekognition Main Image

The City of Orlando and Orlando Police Department are always looking for new solutions to further our ability to keep our residents and visitors safe. Part of that effort includes using technology-based policing and having a modern police department that can continue to address public safety through a variety of innovative, proven approaches.

Partnering with innovative companies, like Amazon Web Services, to test new technology is one way to ensure we offer the best in tools, training and technology for the men and women whose job it is to keep our community safe.

Due to the potential value that facial recognition technology could have in furthering public safety efforts, the city conducted two pilots to evaluate and further internally test Amazon Web Service’s facial recognition technology.

Current Status:

The December 2017 pilot ended on June 19, 2018, and the October 2018 pilot ended on July 18, 2019. 

What happens next?

While the city of Orlando has no immediate plans regarding future pilots to explore this type of facial recognition technology, we will continue our efforts to position the city to take advantage of advances as they emerge, further supporting our city’s mission to become America’s premier Future-Ready City.


What were the parameters of the pilots?

  • No images of the public were used for any testing - only images of Orlando police officers who volunteered to participate in the test pilot were used.
  • Limited utilization of eight designated video streams from city-owned cameras located at the following places - four at Orlando Police Headquarters, three IRIS cameras and one at another city facility.
  • As part of the pilot, the technology was not used in an investigative capacity.
  • All elements of these pilots were done in accordance with current and applicable law, upholding all privacy laws and ensuring there are no violations of any individual's civil rights.