Register for a Traffic Box Art for Your Neighborhood Association

Do you want to paint or wrap a traffic signal box in your neighborhood?


It’s easy to bring art into your neighborhood with the Mayor's Matching Grant.

Traffic art boxes allow neighborhood associations to brand themselves with a theme, encourage a sense of neighborhood pride and brighten their landscape.

Public art encourages a sense of ownership and pride within the neighborhood, and can be a small but important way of creating a sense of neighborhood identity.


Step 1.Check your eligibility 

The neighborhood association must be active for at least one year with the City of Orlando’s Office of Communications and Neighborhood Relations.

The City of Orlando defines neighborhood organizations as mandatory homeowners, condominium and voluntary associations.

Step 2.Complete an interest form

A traffic box interest form is required before grant submittal. Complete the form at least 30 days prior to Mayor's Matching Grant deadline.

Once the traffic art box interest form is submitted and approved, the applicant will be invited to submit the Mayor's Matching Grant application.

Interest Form

Step 3.Apply for a grant

The Mayor's Matching Grants are awarded twice a year. Read the guidelines before applying.

Grant Guidelines and Application

Step 4.Grant approval

Once City Council has approved the grant, the neighborhood association must provide the following before implementation:

  • Complete artwork renderings for each traffic art box
  • Liability Insurance: Provide proof of general liability insurance in the amount of at least $1,000,000 with the City of Orlando included as additionally insured.
  • Waiver and Agreements: The artist/vendor responsible for the installation of artwork must sign the Visual Artist Rights Act (VARA) waiver. In addition, a Mayor's Matching Grant funding agreement and a traffic art box agreement must be signed by the neighborhood association and the City of Orlando.

Step 5.Get creative

Once the agreement is executed and art is approved, the city will provide a written notice to proceed to the neighborhood association.

The neighborhood association must notify the City of Orlando at least 48 hours before artwork is to begin and will have one year to complete the project.

Step 6.Love your art

It's the responsibility of the recipient to maintain the traffic art boxes.

Within three years from the awarding of the grant, the neighborhood association can apply for a fast track grant up to $1,000 to cover maintenance or replacement of the artwork due to damage.