Submit an Easement or Encroachment Agreement

Do you have to submit an agreement to release a document hold?

When City public utilities are on private property, an Easement Agreement is necessary. For private utilities within the City's Right of Way, an Encroachment Agreement is needed.


Step 1.Gather your information 

You will need to submit a copy of your site plan, survey and legal description. 

Step 2.Fill out an application 

Make sure you upload your survey and complete all of the required information.

  • An Easement Agreement is required when City public utilities are located on private property. 
  • An Encroachment Agreement is required when private utilities are located within the City Right of Way.

Complete the Form

Step 3.We will review your request

Please allow 14 business days for our review. We will email you details about the next steps.

Step 4.Record your document

Once approved, you will receive instructions on how to record the agreement at the Orange County Comptroller's office

Step 5.Submit recorded document

After the document is recorded, you must send it to us to remove the document hold.

Upload Your Document

Step 6.Check your permit status

Please allow two business days for processing.

After that, you can use our Permit Lookup tool to check the status of your permit and ensure that the hold has been removed.

Check Permit Status