Submit a Maintenance Guarantee

Are you doing work in the right of way and have a document hold for a Maintenance Guarantee?

A Maintenance Guarantee is required for any work conducted in the city right of way. It can be in the form of a cashier's check, certificate of deposit, or bond. An actual public improvement cost sheet and a transmittal letter must accompany the guarantee. All items in Step 1 must be completed prior to application submittal.

By Mail

Step 1.Avoid Common Mistakes

Don't forget to:

  • Include all required notarized signatures.
  • Provide the date of city-approved plans.
  • Provide the correct finalized dates.

Use the Permit Lookup site to verify and submit your documents.

Step 3.Submit the Required Documents

Submit your completed original maintenance guarantee form, actual public improvements cost sheet, and transmittal letter to:

City of Orlando City Hall
Permitting Services Division
400 South Orange Avenue, 1st Floor
Orlando, FL 32801

Step 4.We'll Review Your Documents

After we review your submission, we will contact you within five business days via email.