Request a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy

Do you want to temporarily occupy a commercial or multi (3 or more units) family space before a final Certificate of Occupancy?

The City of Orlando allows licensed contractors to request a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) for commercial or multi (3 or more units) family projects to allow occupancy before a final inspection. The Building Official can grant a TCO under some circumstances, which are valid for 30 days, pending completion and approval of the TCO request.


Step 1.Request to begin the Temporary Certificate of Occupancy process

A request can only be made by the license holder or an authorized agent.

Request a TCO Process

Step 2.Receive TCO request status notification

Within three business days, an email outlining the status of your request will be sent. Approvals will receive an invoice for $129. Disapprovals will receive an email with a disapproval summary.

Step 3.Pay your fees

The TCO fee is $129. Once approved, you will receive an email with an invitation to pay this fee and receive your TCO inspection card.

Step 4.Schedule TCO inspections

Schedule all final sub/trade permits, including fire finals, noting in the inspection comments field "TCO final". Once all sub/trade TCO final inspections have been approved please email notifying the building official to schedule a TCO building inspection.

Schedule Inspections

Step 5.Upload the signed TCO inspection card and correction notice

Please upload the back and front of your signed off TCO inspection card along with any applicable notes or correction notices.

Upload the TCO Inspection Card

Step 6.The TCO will be emailed to you with a 30-day expiration date

Please note that a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy will expire within 30 days. Extension requests can be emailed on company letter head signed by the contractor of record to A permit number, job address, and reason why the extension is needed is required on the letter. Please allow 2 business days for a response.  Expired TCO's are subject to daily Code Enforcement citations. Projects are considered completed and finalized once a Certificate of Occupancy is received.