Request a Residential Sewer Connection

Do you want to connect your property to the City of Orlando sewer system? 

The Water Reclamation Division owns and maintains a sewer collection system in many areas of Orlando and parts of unincorporated Orange County. Your property may be able to connect to the city's sewer system.


Step 1.Complete a sewer connection application

We will verify sewer availability at your address. You will need to hire a licensed plumber to get the permit.

Fill Out the Form

Step 2.Check your eligibility status

You can check eligibility status, comments, and review completion dates via our Permit Lookup tool. 

Permit Lookup

Step 3.Make a payment

Your application will be reviewed within four business days. We will provide you with the steps to pay the sewer connection fees, pending contractor information. Please note that the sewer costs must be paid in full and cannot be paid in installments.

Step 4.Get your permit

After we receive your payment, we will email the permit to your licensed plumber.

Step 5.Record your Notice of Commencement

If your project value exceeds $5,000 you will need to file a Notice of Commencement with the Orange County Comptroller's Office prior to starting any work. Once the Notice of Commencement is filed, you need to post a certified copy at the job site and provide a copy to the City of Orlando.

Step 6.Schedule your locate and permit inspections

Before you dig, get a line locate by calling 811 or visiting

After that is obtained, schedule your sanitary sewer inspection and final inspection.

Schedule Inspections